Upon The Bridge
Young Tree Records
December 10, 2006

Groundation Track list
  1. What Could Have Been
  2. Down
  3. Me Na In De
  4. Ratant Crow
  5. Nonbelievers
  6. Upon The Bridge
  7. Use To Laugh
  8. Fight All You Can
  9. Mighty Souls
  10. Sleeping Bag
  11. Seesaw
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
Groundation is an 'Original Roots Reggae' Band from California, which was established in 1998 by Harrison Stafford, Ryan Newman and Marcus Urani. The name Groundation came from trying to get everyone on the same level so people can talk and feel free to educate each other and learn from each other. This is probably also why they gave their third album the name "Each One Teach One". All their albums are published by Groundation's own label which is called Young Tree Records, which furthermore focuses on releasing quality roots material like for example Pablo Moses' "Pave The Way", Winston Jarrett's "Survival Is The Game" and the Congos' "Give Them The Right".

"Upon the Bridge" brings the listener closer to the overall concept of the entire works of Groundation. All four previous albums have led to this point. Picking up where "We Free" left off, "Upon the Bridge" is the individual's journey beyond their known world to a bridge of mythic proportion. From the first track of the album you can immediately sense the obvious Groundation style and the great voices of the lead singers. What Could Have Been is a nice starting tune to get into to the band's vibes. The nice bass and sweet vocals in Me Na In De is a pleasure for every Groundation and dub fan followed by one of the most shining tunes on the album namely Ratant Crow. Non Believers is a slow dubwise song from which I quote: 'They want all those nonbelievers to see them all fall like rain upon the sea Jah.' The album's title song is a more faster song, with once more wise lyrics that keep you involved.

Like we are almost used to when it comes to a Groundation release some great guest vocalists are involved as well. This time Groundation, the great Pablo Moses and Ijahman Levi are joining forces, to be more exact from the second half of the album starting with Used To Laugh. One of the other shining tunes on this album is Fight All You Can, a song against Babylon. The closing song of the album Seesaw makes a nice finishing touch.

Groudation and roots fans will love this album.