General Smiley Meets McPullish At Dub Cove
General Smiley & McPullish
Charlie's Records
July 15, 2012

General Smiley Meets Mcpullish At Dub Cove - General Smiley & McPullish Track list
  1. I Wish (No More War)
  2. Love
  3. The Jungle
  4. Sight Dem Up
  5. Custy
  6. Unity Chant with Sylford Walker
  7. Finally
  8. Natty Natty
  9. Watch It Dub
  10. Sight Dub
  11. Wishful Dub
  12. Family Dub
  13. Over In The Dub
  14. Blaze Up A Dub
  15. Gibraltar Dub
  16. Finale Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
There's a formula in Reggae Musik that's simple and totally works. Take a legendary artist and hook up with a small roots producer and reach higher ites. In the late 1980's, Blackamix and Horace Andy made musical history. In the 1990's, Jah Shaka electrified Max Romeo, Tony Tuff and Willie Williams. In the 2000's, Ryan Moore masterminded classics with Mykal Rose, Big Youth and Ranking Joe. The chemistry continues with General Smiley alongside McPullish.

Original General Smiley (Errol Bennett) is a dancehall don originating from Studio One's "masterclass". As one half of Michigan & Smiley, they burst on the scene in the late 1970's and revolutionized Dancehall duos. Their "Rub A Dub Style" single ridin' over the "Vanity" riddim (Alton Ellis-I'm Just A Guy) produced by Sir Dodd put them on top of the charts. Their first album, Nice Up The Dance (Studio One) remains a classic to this day. Electric performances at Reggae Sunsplash from 1980-85 gave them international appeal. They released a few more gems, "Downpression", "Step By Step" and "Sugar Daddy" before breaking up in the late 1980's. They still get together for the occasional festival or revival show. Smiley has continued to release quality solo material and is very active in the production chair. He founded Ruff Company Records with a pure vision to give musical youth a chance; never forgetting his humble beginnings. In Los Angeles, he has been a producer for Firgo Digital Studio. He is a blazing performer that has not lost his spark.

McPullish (Carson Hoovestol) is a Buda, Texas based producer and one man musical army. He has his own label, Charlie's Records and operates his studio, aptly called The Dub Cove. He plays virtually the entire riddim on his productions. He's very much in the vein of Ryan Moore (Twilight Dub Circus), who has put out some of the rootsiest roots and dub for the last two decades. Much like Moore, McPullish has produced some of the best. The roster includes Luciano, Chezidek, Sylford Walker and Lutan Fyah. He has opened up for Mad Professor, Easy Star All Stars, Don Carlos and many more. He is getting more exposure, playing some dates with General Smiley in late February and with Twilight Dub Circus in May.

This release starts with a boom shot that cyaan done! I Wish(No More War) is finger snapping modern roots; wicked bass and Smiley's lyrics flowing like a river. Love has more of an organic touch with a sense of joy from singer and player of instruments. It showcases fullbodied vintage DJ style. The Jungle boasts great guitar work and Sly "Drumbar" influences backing reality lyrics of cold concrete jungle. Sight Dem Up shines with a bubblin' keyboard that gives way to pure intelligence; "Put your hand in Babylon cookie jar and end up wear a scar". Rootsman Sylford Walker lends a magic rod to Unity Chant with Smiley dishing up the call and respond DJ style that he has mastered. This is mixed up with a wailing keyboard and complex riddim. The final vocal track is sweet like sugar and spice and extra nice. This is a champion bubbler with great backing vox by Sista Jenn Ziemba. The riddim is very modern but doesn't rock roots foundation.

To great delight, the final eight tracks are full dub workings that shows McPullish is an A-1 operator. He imitates no one, but initiates all the latest technology without losing sight of traditional dub style. Crucial vocals are intact with deep drum and bass bought up front. Percussion and keyboards are not forgotten; tastefully looped in and out of the dubscape. Every dub deserves to be on soundsystems near and far. The standout selectas are Wishful Dub and Sight Dub. These require instant rewind! Big things are in store for McPullish's future.

"General Smiley Meets McPullish At Dub Cove" is wicked and wild. General Smiley is well established and this outing will ever increase his legend. McPullish's street creds will become rock solid with this effort. This is a stunning example of grassroots that blossom into a lush musical garden. Highly recommended to all music lovers.