Album review
Meets The Conquering Lion - A Dubplate Selection
Garnett Silk
Earthman Music-Reggae One Luv

Tracking list

  1. Behold (Psalm 23) featuring Kulcha Knox
  2. Bless Me (dj-ing by Garnett Silk)
  3. Born Free / Splashing Dashing (The Lord's Prayer)
  4. It's Roaring
  5. Hard Nut To Crack featuring Tony Rebel
  6. Lion Rock Steady
  7. A Lot More Coming
  8. The Lion Heart (intro by Kulcha Knox, dj-ing by Garnett Silk)
  9. A Place In Lion Heart (intro by Steve Bionic)
  10. Skylarking featuring Yasus Afari
  11. Oh Me, Oh My featuring Mikey Spice
  12. I Can See Clearly Now featuring Yasus Afari
  13. Rub A Dub Soldier featuring Tony Rebel
  14. Put On Di Pressure
  15. Evacuate
  16. Lion Rule The World (intro by Kulcha Knox)
  17. Conquering Lion
  18. Serve Thee 'Til The End
  19. Bimbo : Where Do Other Sounds Go (Young Garnett Silk)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 5

Garnett Silk's untimely death in a gas canister explosion on 9th December 1994, shocked many reggae fans worldwide. He seemed the most talented of the new cultural artists who emerged in the early nineties. In his brief recording career he cut tunes for such Jamaican ace producers as Bobby Digital, King Jammy, Donovan Germain and Richard Bell. Even today Garnett Silk is widely regarded as one of the most significant singer/songwriters, who played a major role in re-establishing the 'consciousness' in Jamaican music, which was dominated by "slackness and gun talk" at the time of his rising to the top. That's what makes any release of previously unreleased material from Garnett so very interesting and highly anticipated. In the past years reggae fans witnessed the release of 7" singles, compilation sets, live albums, a 'remixed' album and a set with "dubplate specials" from one of Jamaica's top sound systems Killamanjaro.
This brand new set collects 19 unique dubplate specials, which Garnett Silk recorded for "The Conquering Lion Sound". There was a special relationship between Garnett Silk and this Jamaica-based sound system, which can be witnessed through the quality of the vocal performances. Most of the specials may be well known to the fans in its original version, but here they are presented in a different style, i.e. fitted for Sound System business. Also some totally unknown tunes are featured on this compilation. Spinning the tracks from this album not only brings back memories, but it also makes one experience the serious impact of this great singer's musical legacy. It is striking that, some six years after this singer has passed away, Garnett still can impress the listener with his unique vocal and lyrical delivery. Of course, not every track on this album is a killer, but every single tune has a certain feel and spirit, which makes it enjoyable and truly well worth listening to. So, no standouts mentioned here, only fair regarding the fact that every dubplate special included has its own merits. However, a few personal favourites have to be pointed out : "Behold (Psalm 23)", "Hard Nut To Crack", "Oh Me, Oh My", "Put On Di Pressure", "Evacuate", and the awesome "Serve Thee 'Til The End".
So, we can only say... ignore these historical recordings from the Archangel at your peril!

'Conquering Lion play di best an' most of Garnett Silk, an' yu hear dat from di lion mout."

Note : The dubplates were recorded, edited and digitally mastered with the utmost thought and care for presenting the specials as Garnett intended. In a few instances it is evident that the sources are worn and at times damaged, but to preserve the performances in their entirety, and to get the full vibes, these spots have been retained.

Teacher & Mr. T.