Seek The Kingdom First
G.T. Moore & The Lost Ark band
Lost Ark Music
Digital Release
February 23, 2013

Seek the Kingdom First - G.T. Moore & The Lost Ark Band Track list
  1. Songs Of Love
  2. Be True
  3. Dreamworld
  4. One Two Three
  5. Seek The Kingdom First
  6. Sunshine
  7. Dreamdub
  8. Dubshine
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Wow! What a surprise! That sums up the latest project from Lost Ark Music; the lions from Belgium. Over the last few years, their work with Congo "Ashanti" Roy has rekindled The Golden Age Of Reggae in a big way. Their latest project, "Seek The Kingdom First" with the highly underrated G.T. Moore is astonishing.

Gerald Thomas Moore was born May 2, 1949 in Reading, United Kingdom. He is a truly gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist that has worked with many Reggae heroes over the decades. In the early 1970's, he formed G.T & The Reggae Guitars. They signed with Charisma Records; released two crucial albums and toured extensively throughout Europe before the band dissolved in 1977. Along the way, his songs had captured the vibes with Jimmy Cliff, Joan Baez and Johnny Nash. The late 70's saw him playing and performing with the likes of Sly & Robbie, Johnny Nash, Zap Pow, Joe Higgs, Max Romeo and countless others. These opportunities are a result of him linking with groundbreaker Henk Targowski (Black Star Distribution) and meeting with Lee Perry for the agonizing completion of The Black Ark's final chapter, "The Return Of Pipecock Jackson". G.T Moore was heavily involved in the JA-Holland connection of this classic album. Since that time, Mr. Moore has been living in Amsterdam; putting out great works with Martin Campbell (Channel One U.K) in the 1990's and U.K's Goldmaster Allstars ("Dub Style" 2011).

"Seek The Kingdom First" is a classic example of Lost Ark Music's formula. Let the singer roam freely, provide rock solid riddims and add incredible Lee Perry-esque production. The quality is on par with what Roberto Sanchez (A-Lone Productions-Spain) has done with Linval Thompson and Earl Zero. The Lost Ark band features the following Pura Vida members: Wouter 'Wowie' Rosseel on guitar, Bös De Busscher on organ, Boris 'Bobo' Perck on bass and Bregt 'Braithe' De Boever on drums. They are a committed group that encompass true Roots Reggae. Recorded at Lost Ark Studio (Belgium), this album harks back to the original sound that Reggae purists love.

Songs Of Love opens with traditional African guitar licks, lively horns and a folksy and spiritual feel. G.T. Moore has a great gift of singing and writing and uses it wisely here. The spacy Black Ark-like production only enhances this killer track. Be True is a slower and efficient song that sounds like early Misty In Roots; he has a smooth and distinctive style that fits the solid riddim nicely. Dreamworld is hypnotizing all the while. Great guitar and Congos-like backing vox rule this track of solid structure. Totally unique. One Two Three is dynamic. Mr. Moore is able to take on IJahman Levi vocalisms and make it sound so sweet. Think of "Haile I Hymn" and that describes it best. This is an organic and spiritual ode of the highest order. The title track once again takes on an IJahman atmosphere. Comforting to know that such blessed songs are being laid down in 2013! Sunshine is a great Rocker that boasts great melodica and powerful delivery. We are treated to two wicked dubs, Dreamdub and Dubshine. These are both Black Ark specials that shows that Bregt is at the top of his skills.

The year is young but "Seek The Kingdom First" is the surprise of this year thus far. G.T. Moore finally has the recognition he deserves after forty years of recording great music. Lost Ark Band are at the top of their original revival style and should be commended. Though only available on digital format now, seek out this impeccable musical basket. Highest recommendation in order. Go deh!!!!!!!!!!!