Album review
Guide I Jah
Jah Bull
Bull Don
pre CD-R
21 - 05 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Guide I Jah
  2. Ital Vital With Horace Andy
  3. Version
  4. Know Where We Are Going
  5. Survival Time
  6. Blackman Foundation & Push Dawta Push with Hugh Mundell
  7. Jah The Creator
  8. Chant Down Babylon
  9. Free Jah Jah Children
  10. Moneyman Style
  11. Version
  12. What A Tribulation
  13. Love And Unity with Tetrack
  14. Conference Table
  15. Fuckereys Ah Gwan
  16. Satta Masse Gana
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : -

Woolton Harrison, born in 1950, Kingston, Jamaica, started his musical career in the second half of the sixties, but it lasted until the mid to late seventies that he made himself a name as the deejay Jah Bull after teaming up with the great melodica player and producer Horace Swaby better known as Augustus Pablo. It was actually the late great Hugh Mundell who introduced Jah Bull to Augustus Pablo, which then led to the recording of a string of songs. These records became his best known and most anticipated works and include "Guide I Jah", "Jah The Creator", "Free Jah Jah Children", "What A Tribulation", "Push Dawta Push", "Know Where We Are Going" and "Conference Table". All these tunes are featured on this album, which fully showcases that Jah Bull deserves a place among such great chanters like Jah Woosh, Prince Jazzbo, Jah Lloyd and Prince Far I. It's evident that Jah Bull benefits from Augustus Pablo's wicked rockers style riddims, but besides that he simply impresses with his conscious and dreadful lyrics delivered in his typical chanting style. But also without the guidance of Augustus Pablo, Jah Bull proved he could deliver noteworthy tunes. Of particular interest is the inclusion of one of his best tunes "Ital Vital", featuring Horace Andy, and coming complete with the version. Furthermore you'll find the excellent "Money Man Style" and "Survival Time", both produced by Harry J and released on the latter's label in 1978. "Fuckerys A Gwan" dates from 1991 and was produced and released by Jah Bull himself, while living in California, US. Although this is a real message tune, it caused a controversy simply by many judging it based on the title alone. With the exception of "Fuckerys A Gwan" and "Conference Table" all tunes are delivered across tuff roots riddims. "Guide I Jah" is very enjoyable and solid album which truly has to become available for the reggae massive worldwide.

Thanks to Ray Hurford for providing this album. Jah Bull is still looking for a record company to release his "Guide I Jah" album. Anyone seriously interested can contact us by email: info@reggae-vibes.com.

Teacher & Mr. T.