Album review
King Tubby's Hidden Treasure
Jah Thomas & The Roots Radics

Tracking list

  1. King Tubby's Pearl Dub
  2. King Tubby's Diamond Dub
  3. King Tubby's Gold Dub
  4. King Tubby's Platinum Dub
  5. King Tubby's Crown Dub
  6. King Tubby's Anchor Dub
  7. King Tubby's Coral Dub
  8. King Tubby's Emerald Dub
  9. King Tubby's Copper Dub
  10. King Tubby's Silver Dub
  11. King Tubby's Jewel Dub
  12. King Tubby's Brass Dub
  13. King Tubby's Ruby Dub
  14. King Tubby's Hidden Treasure
  15. King Tubby's Sovereign Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 3/4

Jah Thomas (Nkrumah Thomas) emerged in the mid-seventies and soon belonged to the young top deejays of the day. In the next decade he also became one of the leading dancehall producers who produced other performers like Tristan Palma, Sugar Minott, Little John and Early B. - as well as himself - whose records he released on his own labels. His "Midnight Rock" imprint became very successful in the eighties thanks to his working with the Roots Radics, the name that was to be synonymous with dancehall. Roots Radics was formed in 1978 when bass player Flabba Holt joined forces with the now late guitarist Bingy Bunny. Since then, they have been joined by such excellent musicians like Dwight Pickney, Steely, Style Scott and Tee Bird. As a combined force the Roots Radics became the most respected studio and stage band, which dominated the sound in the first half of the eighties. They supported artists like Bunny Wailer, Gregory Isaacs and Israel Vibration and have several albums to their name as well.
This album collects 15 tracks from the vaults of Jah Thomas and were recorded in the early to mid eighties at Channel One and supervised by leading engineers, Peter Chemist, Sylvan Morris, Soljie, Barnabas, Bunny Tom Tom and Scientist and later mixed by the legendary dubmaster King Tubby at his studio in Drummlie Avenue.
The album shows the strength of the Roots Radics as a band as well as the individual talents of its musicians. Furthermore you can here that the digital era is approaching, especially in tracks like King Tubby's Pearl Dub, King Tubby's Emerald Dub and King Tubby's Hidden Treasure. The rest of the tracks are dub tracks in the early eighties style with a strong emphasis on the drum and bass.
Experience and enjoy !

Teacher & Mr. T.