The Highrise Campaign
Pama Intl
Rockers Revolt
December 21, 2008

Track list
  1. Highrise feat. Michie One
  2. Versionrise feat. Dennis Alcapone
  3. To Have & To Have Not Version feat. Billy Bragg
  4. Breton Brutality (Wrongtom Dub)
  5. Highrise (Mungos Hi Fi Dubstep)
  6. No More Guns, Love Is Easy feat. Dennis Alcapone
  7. No More Guns (G.Corp Dub)
  8. Do They Ever Wonder? feat. Jimmy Screech
  9. No More Instrumental
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Just before the end of 2008 UK based label Rockers Revolt surprises us with their latest effort called "The Highrise Campaign". The album is an anti-knife & gun album, featuring versions of Pama Intl's anti-knife/gun anthem Highrise done by artists like Studio One legend Dennis Alcapone, Billy Bragg, Michie One, Wrongtom (best known for his work with Hard Fi and recent Roots Manuva album), G.Corp, Mungos Hi Fi, Lynval Golding (The Specials) and Banana Clan protege Jimmy Screech.

It is very plain for everyone to see that knife and gun crime is out of control in the UK. Everyone involved with the making of "Highrise", is truly passionate about spreading a positive message, as well as providing funding, mentoring and opportunities to the younger generations. Members have been directly affected by knife and gun crime; Dennis Alcapone's stepson was shot dead in Limehouse, London this summer and Lynval Golding (The Specials/Pama Intl) almost lost his life in a very well documented knife attack.

Proceeds from the album are going to a number of UK children's charities including; Kids Company, London, Southmede Centre, Bristol and Basement Studios, Bristol. Check this website for more info: www.kidsco.org.uk

The nicely packaged album (retro style jacket) makes you long back for the days when we used to spin LP's and 12inches! The album length is also from the days of 'vinyl only', no more than 38 minutes of music! Anyway, there's a lot to enjoy here. Side One (the first 5 tracks) are versions of Highrise, a tune that adapts the classic 'Cherry Oh Baby' riddim. The original was performed by Eric Donaldson. It was a no 1 in the Jamaican Festival Song Competition in 1971. With a riddim that strong you can't go wrong. Michie One's version is powerful and gentle as well, while Dennis Alcapone's lick -Versionrise- sounds as if it was recorded at Brentford Road. Next comes Billy Bragg, a non-reggae artist whose effort is well worth spinning, check out the lyrics: "just because you're going forward, doesn't mean I'm going backward". Breton Brutality is such a wicked dub version of the riddim. Every bit of sound, echo and effect is 100% to the point! Mungos Hi Fi Dubstep delivers a more excentric and adventurous dub version of the song.

Side Two is a version excursion of a captivating steppers riddim, I presume it's called 'No More Guns'. First on the case is Dennis Alcapone whose effort is solid over a dubbed up riddim track. It's Augustus Pablo revisited time when G.Corp deliver their tune, a good tune to spin more than once! Jimmy Screech's vocal and song writing talent was first spotted by Roots Manuva and his management team in 2005 when he was asked to perform on the 'Awfully Deep' Tour. He has just finished the 'Slime and Reason' tour with Roots Manuva where he played at some of the UK's finest venues throughout October 2008. His contribution to this album is really above par, a compelling roots tune! The album closes with the instrumental cut, a straight forward version of the riddim.

Overlooking the complete album it's justified to say that Pama Intl. has delivered a solid album and with proceeds going to a number of UK children's charities you'll be doing yourself a big favor checking this one out!