Roots & Lovers
Harry Mo
Yellow Hill Music
CD / Digital Release
December 30, 2014

Track list
  1. His Majesty's Palace
  2. What You Gonna Do
  3. Baby Don't Go
  4. Don't Want To Love Again feat. Cherise King
  5. Go Far Away
  6. Feeling High
  7. Keep It Coming
  8. Easy Yout Man
  9. In Jah Time
  10. Love You Bad
  11. Bring Back Love feat. Kennyweed
  12. Jah Alone
  13. Rastafari Chant
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Dominica is "The Nature Isle Of The Caribbean"; a region rich in beauty and musical talent. The birthplace of numerous Roots crusaders like Ras Trevy Felix, Ray Felix (Boom Shaka) and HARRY MO. A veteran of the pure Roots movement, he has just released his fourth solo offering, "Roots & Lovers". An album that lives up to its title and his upstanding reputation...

Harry Mo (Ras Matios) spent his youth in Dominica, excelling at singing and organ in school before migrating to The Virgin Islands. A stint in the military brought him to Colorado (United States) where he co-founded "Mountain Reggae", a premier Roots unit of the region. Subsequently, he joined the hugely successful band BOOM SHAKA (one of best US Reggae bands of all times!) for many years. He played alongside the likes of The Felix brothers (Trevy and Harry were raised in the same village), Lesterfari, Shakaman and Binghi Cornwall for many years. His credentials include backup musician/engineer for The Mighty Diamonds, Shinehead and Tippa Irie. In 2003, he returned to V.I. and released his debut, "Runaway Slave", to critical acclaim. An amazing set recorded in L.A with the help of Boom Shaka members. He has released further classics, "Back To Africa" (2008) and "On My Way" (2012). These albums are all resounding and enduring classics.

"Roots & Lovers" continues the musical collective that worked alongside Harry on his previous two releases. Harry plays keys, riddim guitar and percussion. The legendary Tuff Lion lends his mastery on lead guitar. Bassies include Anthony "Lion" Arthur, Donald Irving, Gyptian, Patchie and Luc Ghering. Drummies are Dion Hopkins (who co-produces with Harry) and Erwin Bertrand. Al Baptiste Sr. assists on keys and is mixing engineer. The tracks were laid at Hold Firm Studio/Back Yard Studio (V.I) and Prosound Media (Holland). Fari Dixon mastered these tracks at Sound Prophet Studio (Colorado). Nuff respect to Jan Dekker for his engineering skills. Harry lends his mixing skills masterfully. The majority of this Royal unit have been a part of Harry's journey for years and they are well tight!!

His Majesty's Palace rides high over a lively riddim that allows Harry to deliver with originality and inflections of Trevy Felix and Peter Tosh. A dedication to his experience with Boom Shaka and others; this is soul remedy to the max. What You Gonna Do is pure upliftment. Over a bubbling backbone, this Rastaman soars mightily and his vocalisms are true to the Heart. He is a solo artist but his years with Boom Shaka has left a Lion imprint on his approach; this is a good thing! Lyrically potent in all aspects. He shows his diversity with Baby Don't Go. A Lovers track that depicts his Love waiting patiently for his return despite his touring and recording schedule. Authenticity abounds! Great guitar, bass and key arrangements. Don't Want To Love Again is a tasty combination with Cherise King. An atmospheric skanker niced up by Tuff Lion's masterful chops and the natural grace of both singers. Go Far Away is all the way strong. An expertly balanced track that truly exalts The Most High and the intent and extent of King's Music. Hope and Joy here. Feeling High continues the fulljoy. A riddim reminiscent of Zion I Kings caliber (Harry has worked with Laurent "Tippy" Alfred), Harry again captures the power of Ras Trevy/Peter Tosh with his own amazing grace. A masterclass singer, musician and engineer - oh yes!

Keep It Coming rallies around Jah throne. A skanking Lovers anthem that will instantly grab your attention. Great drums from Erwin and bassie Donald Irving. Triumphancy predominant! Easy Yout Man sends a pertinent message. Tuff Lion's magic is iron sharpening iron and Harry's stellar bubbling set the musical tone of pure message for the youth to stay away from the rocks. Harry shows his versatility in fine chanting style. In Jah Time is ethereal. We are reminded that things in Life will take effect in due season. A forward ever track with superior arrangements. Jah Alone shines like a blazing fire. He exemplifies his own trod in Life and soulfully exalts the Love of Jah in dynamic pride. A true track of Life chock full of consciousness. Rastafari Chant is an instant classic! A Royal achievement on par with The Melodians "Rivers Of Babylon". Yes, it's that good! Showcasing Harry's absolute talent and Al Baptiste Sr's key work and we have a monumental closer.

Harry Mo's "Roots & Lovers" is a pinnacle of Righteousness. This artist has risen strength to strength with each album and he fires on all cylinders on his latest. Not a dull moment on this Royal set. One can feel the unity of all involved in this project. Harry has made a solid impact of keeping Roots Music on the right track over the years and this is a prime example of his natural talent. Don't hesitate, this release you will appreciate. A highlight of 2014; a year of constantly great Roots music. GO DEH!!