The System
Heights Meditation
Heights Meditation
September 2, 2015

Track list
  1. Piestin with Shock Man
  2. Blessed Written
  3. Need More Love
  4. Blaka Rosu
  5. Rich And Poor
  6. Tranga Jesi
  7. Treasure with Fatima
  8. The System
  9. Twice A Week
  10. Lon Gwe
  11. Princess with Shock Man
  12. Blaka Rosu (Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
THE BENELUX REGGAE CONTEST is a Blessed path for rising Reggae artistes to achieve higher heights in a true and honest format. Recent winners VERSE ITAL and RAPHA PICO have certainly taken their Royal message to the mountain top. This year's winner (Band category), HEIGHTS MEDITATION, have wasted no time; memorizing the European massive with a slew of live performances across the region. "The System" is a musical portrait of multi talented musicians with true desire and vision to spread Real Authentic Sound. Maximum respect to Teacher, Mr. T, Guido Delvoux and Johan Tackx for the opportunity to be a panelist for this Blessed event...

HEIGHTS MEDITATION was formed in late 2009 in musically rich Amsterdam. Drummer Risty Collins and Bassie Murl wanted to create a sound. Vocalist Danny Otten joined via an internet ad and fellow vocalists Otty Ranking and Leo Tan soon followed. The diverse unit is well rounded out by gitsy Robert Fleminks and bubblers Frits Panday and Jerry Gonter. The group quickly built a solid following and have graced the stage at numerous festivals and club dates. Early in their career, they played at a home for the elderly; citing that as most rewarding. The power of Reggae music uplifts young and old...

"The System" was recorded at Studio Rolium and produced by Risty and Robert. The band is self reliant but the massive contributions of Shock Man and Fatima add great dimension to this debut. "Piestin" is solid as a Rock. Over an urgent riddim and powerful harmonies, this band sounds well versed and the work of DJ Shock Man make this pure Fyah. This band has certainly captured an original and rich sound. "Blessed Written" is an upliftment from the Heart. Risty and Leo are a tuff combination and demonstrate a mature delivery. Great arrangements and production. "Need More Love" shows the versatility of this ensemble. An observation of the absence of Love in this time. Great harmonies over a nicely layered riddim. "Blaka Rosu" is a brilliant cover of Suriname's Orchestra Washboard. Standout selection indeed and shows the heritage within the band. "Rich And Poor" is a solid Roots anthem! Tuff riddim with another solid combination from Risty and Leo (Maad DJ style). Great keyboard and guitar work throughout. "Tranga Jesi" is a beautiful cover of a song that spent 17 weeks on the Suriname charts. Insight into the rich musical vibration of this country. You need not overstand the lyrics to be fully absorbed by this intoxicating track. Otty Ranking in full control!

"Treasure" features the sweet vocals of Fatima. A tremendous vocalist that glides across this ballad that fits nicely on this shining debut. The title track is signature Heights Meditation sound. Broad arrangements injected with potent and urgent lyrics. One can imagine this song as part of their live show set list. Instant rewinda!! "Twice A Week" is champion sound indeed. This band has a natural ability of creating a full sound and this song brings it to top levels!! Applauding track. "Lon Gwe" is a great cover of a good song and they are able to inflect original elements in DEH.

HEIGHTS MEDITATION's "The System" is a sure fire success. An example of hard work and dedication. This band has played relentlessly across Europe this Summer and we can be assured their original sound will be embraced across Creation. Their experiences will carry across nicely to future recordings. The future is bright. Check out this musical feast. Highly recommended! GO DEH!!