Home & Away
July 2, 2006

Track list
  1. Home & Away
  2. Seh Dem Bad
  3. Armageddon On
  4. Feelings Deep Within
  5. Move Hard
  6. This You Must Know
  7. I'm A Free Man
  8. After All feat. Lutan Fyah)
  9. Love Makes You Alive
  10. They Don't Know
  11. Herbs To Your Nerve
  12. Be Careful
  13. Take It
  14. This Day
  15. We Are The Creator
  16. Get Together
  17. Good People
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
With the full length albums "Persistence", "Better Your Soul", "World Crisis" and "Hey Woman", and a few local hits under his belt Norrisman isn't a newcomer in the reggae arena. However it's with this brandnew "Home & Away" set that he delivers his most consistent and thus best album to date. People who have followed Norrisman's musical career from the time he scored a big Jamaican hit with "Persistence" (1997), know that he's truly an artist with a difference. His lyrics, deejaying and singing styles are unique and, unlike so many other reggae artists, can't be compared with anyone else.

Born 8 March 1973 in Kingston, Norrisman (real name Christopher Campbell) endured a seriously tough upbringing that, even now, he prefers not to talk about but which gave him the sort of start in life when every day you have to think "better must come" and work hard at whatever you choose to do. Christopher Campbell was a huge fan of karate king and film favourite Chuck Norris and as a youth everyone would call him Chuck Norris but when the time came to choose his deejay nom de plume he followed the example of Beenie Man and Ninjaman and styled himself Norrisman because "there's only one Norrisman". He began deejaying at the age of eleven at the height of the dancehall period on local sounds such as Stacks Int., Bionic Steve & 007 where he would be stood on a Guinness crate in order to reach the mic. Every aspiring deejay had to know then how to ride foundation riddims such as "Shank I Sheck", "Stormy Weather" and "It's Raining"/"Weatherman Skank". His first recording was with the Arabic label and from there he moved on to veteran producer GG's. Progressing from there to Iley Dread at King Of Kings, Richard 'Bello' Bell's Star Trail and Colin McGregor's Jah Scout he also found help and support from Buju Banton initially as a writer and later as a sterling performer.

The album opener (and title track), "Home & Away", was a local and international hit in 2005. It was this heart-rending tune on Vertex's "Flames" riddim that catapulted Norrisman into the limelight after years of hard work. A few of the remaining tracks were previously released on 7" single like for example "Seh Dem Bad" on the "Devils Pickney" riddim, "Love Makes You Alive" on the "Street Swing" riddim and the pure dancehall tune "Move Hard" on the "Red Bull & Guiness" riddim. The latter shows that Norrisman is also able to find his flow over a hardcore dancehall backdrop as he rides the riddim seemingly effortless. "Move Hard" is a harsh reality tune -- one of his most impressive tunes ever -- warning big long gun guh ova dem yawd / kill uncle joe and aunty dawg / dem yah ghetto yutes yah a move too hawd hawd hawd in partly vocodered but always very impressive delivery. Other excellent conscious tunes -- and thus a real joy to listen to them over and over again -- are the impressive "I'm A Free Man", the superb "They Don't Know", the matching "Love Makes You Alive", the ganja song "Herbs To Your Nerve", the stirring "This Day" "(on the "Ten To One riddim) and the wicked combination with Lutan Fyah, "After All". Furthermore this cd contains a few very good Lover's tunes -- "Feelings Deep Within You" and the moving "This You Must Know" -- showing that Norrisman is also able to deliver worthwhile tunes that deal with matters of the heart.

With "Home & Away" Norrisman delivers a collection of beautiful yet potent songs.