Tesitoo (Ready To Work)
November 22, 2014

Track list
  1. Wandiyatehmoola
  2. Taxi Driver
  3. Enkanu Entehye Entehye
  4. Labaratoo Lamuroo
  5. Tesitoo
  6. Burning In The Ghetto
  7. Kulung Killing
  8. Hanideh
  9. Sosolaso
  10. Kolongdala Siela
  11. Taxi Driver feat. TD Rankin
  12. Hanideh Ballad
  13. Wandiyatehmoola Dub
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Total votes : 3
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
The (Afro) reggae band Heartwash comes form Borgerhout, a small town near Antwerp, Belgium and was founded in 2001. The band is fronted by "King" Sillah Ishaga, a former inhabitant of Guinee who settled in 1997 in Belgium. He was raised inna musical environment and got interested in reggae music at a very young age. He's responsible for the lyrical content of this album that is delivered in Sillah's native language, Mandinka. Two tunes are brought in English: Taxi Driver and Burning In The Ghetto. Music and arrangements comes from Sillah and the band. The album is engineered by Sen-C P @ Ebony Studio. Production and mixing credits go to Heartwash, King Sillah and Sen-C P.

Next to Sillah (vocals) the band exists of six skilled and experienced musicians coming from different musical backgrounds: Bart Van Gompel (piano & vocals), Bernd Thoné (drums), Alain De Schepper (bass), Ben Dams (sax & vocals), Jan Van Reeth (guitar & harmonica), GertozZz (guitar & vocals) and Lucky Dread (percussion). The band underwent the last major line up change in 2013 and since then they have been working hard to release this third album. Their music is a typical exponent of authentic roots reggae with some subtle Afro reggae influences. The message of their music is one of hope, friendship and reconciliation.

The album opens in fine style with Wandiyatehmoola (We belong together) one of the highlights here. Once you've spinned this catchy tune it stays in your head for quite some time! The album closes with a respectable dub version of this tune by Sen-C P. Next comes an autobiographical tune called Taxi Driver. Sillah used to be a taxi driver in Antwerp, a job he liked a lot. The same song comes back on the album inna remixed version as deejay TD Ranking joins Sillah in full force! Enkanu Entehye Entehye (Love me for who I am) is underpinned by a slow and heavy one drop riddim and some nice horn riffs. Great tune! The title song Tesitoo (Ready to work) raises the tempo and invites you to get dancing. Burning In The Ghetto is an awesome haunting rootical tune accompanied by a strong horns arrangement, a tune worthwhile checking out more than once! Kulung Killing (One boat) starts like a drum and bass dub encounter, the horns and piano join the riddim and then the vocals flow in very nicely, yet another top-notch tune! Solasso (Do not play the game with a gun), an uptempo song, calls out to lay down the arms. Hanideh (No fight in brotherhood) is our favorite tune here. The riddim grabs you at once (check out the wicked guitar intro!) and never lets go. A true rootical skanker! The song returns later as a ballad, not our cup of tea, but please judge yourself.

Surprisingly mature set! Check it out at: Heartwash Website