I Can Feel Your Pain
VP Records
October 6, 2008

Gyptian - I Can Feel Your Pain - Single Track list
  1. Keep Your Calm
  2. Nobody No Cry
  3. I Can Feel Your Pain
  4. Where's My Baby
  5. Love Against The Wall
  6. World Is Caving In
  7. Touch feat. Yanique-Sasha
  8. Thanks And Praise
  9. Too Bad Mind
  10. Sensi
  11. More Money
  12. More Love
  13. Guide Me
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
In April 2005 Gyptian (real name Windel Edwards) made his breakthrough with the single "Serious Times" on Frenz' "Spiritual War" riddim. With this tune and a few others including the wonderful "Is Their A Place" and the heartfelt "Mama", the singer, whose haunting voice has a similarity with Jah Cure's vocal delivery, made such a good impression on the international reggae scene that it didn't take that long before VP Records released his first full length album entitled "My Name Is Gyptian". Not least due to the hype that was created, expectations for that eagerly anticipated debut album were raised very high, and although it surely was a very nice collection of tunes it failed to make a serious impression throughout.

The mood of Gyptian's sophomore album", "I Can Feel Your Pain", doesn't differ that much from his debut set. However lyrically and also vocally he has managed to reach a higher level and from a musical point of view this 13 track album has definitely more balance than its predecessor, as the latter at some points was spoilt by producers who took him in the wrong direction.

Rather than be an artist who mashes up the dance halls, although a song like the awesome hypnotic smoker's anthem "Sensi" shows that he's able to do just that, Gyptian is more a singer/songwriter whose tunes mostly have a very laid-back feeling. Thus it didn't come as a real surprise that quite a few songs on his debut set dealt with matters of the heart, and this brand new album is no exception as about half the tracks are love songs. The latter include standouts such as the beautiful title track "I Can Feel You Pain" on the "Cloud Nine" riddim and the whimsical "Where's My Baby". Also nice hearing is "Touch" which places Gyptian with unknown female vocalist Yanique-Sasha. On the other hand this collection features truly worthwhile conscious efforts including the bittersweet laments "Keep Your Calm" and "Nobody No Cry" that deal with violence and corruption in Jamaica, "Thanks And Praise", the up-tempo "Too Bad Mind" and the excellent "Guide Me".

Likewise "My Name Is Gyptian", this brand new album will take a while to grow on you... but ultimately you'll come to the conclusion that "I Can Feel Your Pain" is a strong album from an amazing talent.