Album review
I'm A Big Kid Now
Red Rat

Tracking list

  1. Brat Kamp Intro
  2. Put Yuh Hands Up
  3. Best Friends featuring Ghost
  4. I'm A Big Kid Now / 1st Message
  5. Buddy She Want
  6. Oh Wow(ISH) / Next Message
  7. Island Boy featuring Treach from "Naughty By Nature" & Italee "Rude" Watson
  8. Right Now
  9. Little Miss Buffett
  10. Support Yuh Mada / Frog Man Interlude
  11. Fat Girl Slim Girl featuring Goofy
  12. Mi Stand Up / Di New Girl Interlude
  13. Taiye (Mi Fuss Yute)
  14. Thinking Of You featuring Curtis Lynch Jnr. & Kele Le Roc (Danny Brownie Dancehall Mix)
  15. Skin A Slap
  16. Kerry-Ann
  17. Chunny Mouth / Di Flop Joke
  18. Me Too featuring Brat Kamp
  19. Spookie
  20. Thief (Call 119)
  21. My Boy Red Rat featuring Chrissy D / Brat Kamp Outro
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Wallace Wilson, probably better known as Red Rat, literally grew up with the music as his father played for both the Vagabonds in England, and Byron and the Dragonnaires. Three of his brothers also entered the music business; a bassist (for Diana King and Jimmy Cliff), selector and drummer, who is now a member of Red Rat's backing band, M.O.B. In 1996 Red Rat teamed up with ace producer Danny Browne of Main Street Records, which resulted in a string of hit singles, among them "Shelly-Ann" and "Dwayne". The buzz surrounding the young deejay grew fast and it soon led to the release of Red Rat's debut album, "Oh No...It's Red Rat", in 1997.
"I'm A Big Kid Now" is the follow-up to that album, which actually became one of the biggest selling records in the history of Greensleeves Records. So, don't expect a different sound or approach on Red Rat's brand new delivery as the formula is very much the same as the one utilized for his first full length album. This hilarious deejay continues to combine dancehall flavours with a more commercial "poppy" sound. Dancehall extremists will state that most of Red Rat's music definitely isn't their "cup of tea", but that doesn't matter as long as this approach proves to be a winner.
Personal favourites are "Little Miss Buffett", Kerry-Ann", "Chunny Mouth", "Spookie", the reworking of the Sister Sledge classic "Thinking Of You" and the entertaining combination tune with Ghost "Best Friends".

Teacher & Mr. T.