Album review
I Miss
Tippa Irie
Resin Music
16 - 07 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. The Most High featuring Jah Soldiers
  2. Make A Duppy Yet
  3. Divide & Rule
  4. I Miss
  5. Leaf & Branch & Stem
  6. Tippa Vex
  7. No Talent
  8. Sensi featuring Long Beach Dub Allstars
  9. Tribute To Bob Marley
  10. Good Old Days featuring Pato Banton & Peter Spence
  11. Chill Out feat. Peter Hunnigale
  12. Love In Me featuring Lloyd Brown
  13. Bredda Manny
  14. Make A Duppy Yet featuring Yaniss Odua
  15. Sensi (B-15 Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Tippa Irie - born Anthony Henry, 1965, London UK - started deejaying at the age of 13 for South London based sound systems. Thus, and by listening to yard tapes and Jamaican deejays on record, he developed his chatting style and five years later he was heard on several live albums, entitled "Live At DSYC Volumes 1-3". Then he became one of Saxon Sound's deejays and voiced an album for Greensleeves. In 1986 Tippa Irie achieved his big breakthrough with a tune entitled "Hello Darling", which achieved international crossover chart success. In the years that followed Tippa Irie kept recording for several UK and Jamaican producers and although he released some noteworthy tunes he never recaptured the huge success of "Hello Darling". Throughout the nineties Tippa continued to record reggae music, but besides that he also crossed over and built a strong alternative audience through touring with the L.B.D.A.S. on the 2000 Vans Warped Tour, and being featured on their debut CD "Right Back". Tippa has also built quite a reputation in the hip hop scene, via guest appearances with Jurassic 5 and other top rap artists.
However, from a reggae point of view Tippa Irie remains one of Britain's most original deejays as can be witnessed on his latest album "I Miss"... a deeply personal, emotionally charged tribute to his sister, who was killed tragically by gun violence. No wonder this set features a strong anti-violence message, explicitly expressed in "Make A Duppy Yet", "Divide & Rule" and "Tippa Vex". Furthermore Tippa Irie's songs deal with the merits of herb ("Sensi"), today's music scene ("No Talent"), and the value of love ("Love In Me"). Also included are heartfelt tributes to his late father ("Bredda Manny") and the great Bob Marley. "I Miss" contains well crafted and appealing songs, fine backdrops and conscious music all the way. This, and the fact that Tippa Irie fully displays his skills and talent, makes "I Miss" a truly solid album. As every piece has its own merit it's hard to point out the standouts, so let's simply stick to our favourite tracks: "Divide & Rule", "I Miss", "Tippa Vex", "Sensi", Chill Out, "Love In Me" and "Bredda Manny".

Teacher & Mr. T.