I'm Still In Love With You
Alton & Hortense Ellis
June 24, 2007

Hortense Ellis - Alton & Hortense Ellis Track list
  1. Alton Ellis - Im Still In Love With You
  2. Hortense Ellis - Willow Tree
  3. Alton Ellis - Cant Get Used To Losing You
  4. Hortense Ellis - Sitting In The Park
  5. Alton And Hortense Ellis - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
  6. Alton Ellis - Live And Learn (Extended Mix)
  7. Hortense Ellis - Breakfast In Bed
  8. Alton Ellis - The Picture Was You
  9. Hortense Ellis - People Make The World Go Round
  10. Alton Ellis - Ill Be Waiting
  11. Hortense Ellis - Can I Change My Mind
  12. Alton Ellis - Wide World
  13. Hortense Ellis - Why Birds Fly
  14. Alton Ellis - Lord Deliver Me
  15. Hortense Ellis - Secretly
  16. Alton Ellis - You Said It Again
  17. Hortense Ellis - Cry Together
  18. Alton Ellis - When I'm Down
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Originally released 1990 as "Alton & Hortense Ellis" Heartbeat Records rereleases this cd as part of their reactivated Studio One reissue program last autumn in extended form again. There are 4 additional tracks and most important, the sound quality is improved!

Alton Ellis started to sing around 1959 as part of a duo with Eddie Perkins and is without any doubt one of Jamaica's all-time favorite vocalists. Like so many others Alton Ellis got his start under producer and Studio One label founder Clement Dodd. Still his best-known recordings are those he cut during the "rock-steady" period of Jamaican popular music, e.g. "Rock Steady" for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle label. Some (unfortunately not all) of his best work for Studio One is collected here.

Hortense Ellis, born 1941 Alton's sister. In 1964 and 1969 she was awarded a silver cup as Jamaica's best female vocalist. By the end of the sixties Hortense was recording for the island's top producers, including Duke Reid and Coxsonne Dodd. Dodd produced with her some "female" adaptions from Alton's hits including Can I Change My mind and "I'm Just a Guy".

As mentioned above you will find on this cd some of the finest tunes both - Alton and Hortense Ellis - have recorded for Studio One. Some of reggae's most "versioned" riddims are here - I'm Still In Love With You, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (in combination style, brother and sister are singing this together, brilliant!), Can I Change My Mind (this time sung by Hortense Ellis, Alton's version is not included) and many others. The four additional tracks are I'm Still In Love With You (which was recently a monster hit for Sean Paul), a nearly 9 minute long killer version from Live and Learn, and Hortense's versions of Why Birds Fly (which was never released on cd before) and Secretly.

Without doubt this is another must have cd from Heartbeat Records, the champion connection between Alton and Hortense Ellis' soulful vocals and Studio One riddims is a must! It's not only available as cd but also as a double vinyl album.

This might be the right choice for those who own the original cd from 1990.