Infinite Dub
Lustre Kings
January 28, 2009

Midnite-Lustre Kings - Infinite Dub Track list
  1. Dew Dub
  2. Right Here Dub
  3. Infinite Dub
  4. Dub A Wondaa
  5. Mic Dub Assemble
  6. Real Dub
  7. Attacking The Dub
  8. More Dub
  9. Grounds Dub
  10. Dub Everything
  11. Frequency Dub
  12. Stay With His Majesty Dub
  13. Before Dub
  14. Dominion Dub
  15. Provide Dub
  16. Infinite Remix
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
The golden era of dub lies far behind us and apart from a small group of dubheads the interest in modern dub outings isn't that great anymore. That's why, particularly outside the UK, dub reggae has taken a back seat for quite some years by now. However this didn't prevent California based Lustre Kings Productions from releasing their first dub/instrumental album.

Not surprisingly the Lustre Kings camp has chosen to produce a dubbed out version of the "Infinite Quality" album, their collaboration with Midnite (Vaughn Benjamin). Not only is "Infinite Quality" one of the better albums in Midnite's catalog of music, it's also a natural choice as Vaugn Benjamin's vocal and lyrical delivery along with the musical backdrops are very well suited for such a project. Responsible for the majority of the musical arrangement and production on this record, 'Moon' the Digital Ancient, draws from a diverse musical background to create an unique modern sound. In addition, this album features productions from I Grade, Zion High Productions, Diego 'Fuego' Campo of Noble Society, and additional work from Nick Fantastic.

Although we have a weakness for the Lustre Kings label, because it not only stands for quality material but also has a refreshing approach when it comes to producing modern roots reggae -- in contrast to the majority of the clichéd European so called new roots -- we have to admit that we were a bit sceptical about "Infinite Dub", subtitled "Dubs And Instrumentals". However after having played all the tracks featured on this collection, our scepticism was completely gone and instead we were very much impressed.

The most appealing pieces of "Infinite Dub", to state the obvious, are the dubbed out versions of the standouts from the 2007 released "Infinite Quality" set. First there's the wonderful album opener "Dew Dub", actually an instrumental piece with Vaughn Benjamin's vocals dubbed in. Next drops the strong "Right Here Dub", followed by an awesome dubbed up version of "Infinite Quality" over the "Shining" riddim. "Dub A Wondaa", a great tune from the original release is also as a dub version a joy to hear. One of the most intriguing riddims heard on "Infinite Quality" underpinned "Reala Law", and again it succeeds to fascinate while listening to "Reala Dub". Then there's "More Dub", a good effort and at par with the original piece, and the same goes for the old skool vibe of "Grounds Dub", "Everything Dub", and "Stay With His Majesty Dub". The slow-paced "Before Dub" is a beautiful track, definitely one of the highpoints of this set. A bit disappointing are only two tracks, namely "Attacking The Dub" and the bonus track "Infinite Remix", but with so many good to excellent tracks around that's no big deal.

Anyone who enjoyed the "Infinite Quality" album should definitely buy this Midnite/Lustre Kings dub album.