Album review
In Vollen Zügen
Rootdown Records
21 - 10 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Nur Dabei
  2. Musik
  3. Oh My Gal
  4. Spart Euch Die Kraft
  5. Boahh!
  6. So Muss Es Sein featuring Nattyflo (vinyl only bonus track)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5

"In Vollen Zügen" is the EP showcasing the talents of German singjay Nosliw (b. 1975 in Bonn, Germany as Eric Wilson) whose debutalbum is scheduled to be released early next year. Starting out producing hiphop with English lyrics in 1991 as a teenager, in 1995 he was a founding member of German hiphop crew D.U.G. (Die Unendlichen Gedichte - the Infinite Poems), performing with German-only lyrics. As a member of D.U.G. he rediscovered his love for reggae music, the music he heard in his youth, raised to the soul and reggae his mother played. In 1999 he got in touch through his connection with Nattyflo with Rootdown Records. After the first two hiphop-reggae crossovers "Steil" and "Babylon" Nosliw started to develop 'real' reggae tracks with Rootdown producer Teka. His tune "Boahh!" on Teka's "Racer Riddim, the first ever riddim to be voiced with a string of German-only vocals immediately convinced alongside the other versions like Natty U, Ragga Fränkie & Dr. Ring Ding's "Hartchor", D-Flame's "Freund Oder Feind", Natty Flo's "Wir Gehens An", Benjie's "Das Dickste" and Tolga & Suga's "Zeit Für Uns". "Boahh!" is all about sex, with superb DJ-d lyrics like: erlesenes wesen wo bist du all´ die jahre nur gewesen gegen dich sind alle topmodels hexen mit besen meine mission ist dass ich heute nacht bei dir wohn´ ich weiss genau du willst es auch also komm´ schon. And although all rhyme and rhythm is lost in my translation, for anyone not familiar with the German language: outstanding human being all these years where have you been compared to you all topmodels should as witches with brooms be seen my mission is tonight your place as my home to be I know you want it as much so come with me. Teka also produced most other selections on this EP, like the roots-track "Musik" over his "One Tear" riddim with very clever lovers-lyrics but not for a girl, for music. "Oh My Gal", over the uptempo dancehall with acoustic guitar "Supreme" riddim (there is a 7" remix available on Germaican's worldfamous "Cure" riddim), the dancehall boast "Spart Euch Die Kraft" over the "Coming" riddim that spawned a string of answer tunes. The vinyl bonus track is the first German-lyrics voicing of Jamaican producer Richard Brownie's "Glue" riddim. And still the best and best-known track of this EP hasn't been mentioned. This track is also featured on Germaican Records 4 riddim-sampler "Shining Stars", featuring the "Cure", "Doctor's Darling", "Celebrate" and "Elemental" riddims. It's his mid 2002 recorded take on Seeed's "Doctor's Darling" riddim "Nur Dabei". A great song about the not-politically and socially involved youths, just letting all misery happen, thinking revolution is when there are new developments like X-Box games. A great singjay, riding good to great riddims, I'll admit I can't wait to see his debut album released. Every selection mentioned in this review can be heard on www.rootdown-records.com Take care,