Crime On Humanity
Irie Miah & The Massive Vibes
Gemelo Records
December 21, 2009

Track list
  1. Partytime
  2. Ska No. One
  3. Immer In Bewegung
  4. What's Going On
  5. What's Else
  6. E Minor Skank
  7. Crime On Humanity
  8. Bicycle Ride
  9. Big Bamboo
  10. What A World
  11. Smoking Society
  12. Youthman
  13. Ska No. One (Instrumental)
  14. Sun Rise And Sun Sets
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
It's 12 years ago that leadsinger Jörg 'Irie Miah' Meier left the locally well-known reggaeband Provibes from Münster (Germany) to record his first solo-album "Nature Strikes Back" as Irie Miah & The Massive Vibes, together with some other (former) members of Provibes. After this valuable debut quickly an even more balanced sophomore album "In The Fire" was released in 2000. From there the band kept a lower profile, still performing every once in a while, but now they return to the forefront of the Münsteraner reggae scene with the very fine "Crime On Humanity" album, reviewed here courtesy of Münster's leading on-line and real-life worldwide shipping reggae recordstore and mailorder Irie Records.

With Irie Miah composing and contributing the words for his own vocals for almost all the originals (12 out of 14 songs) included here, skillfully backed by The Massive Vibes, this album is a great 'comeback', opening with the uptempo party tunes "Partytime" and "Ska No. One" of which the very nice instrumental is included as well near the end of the album, followed by the beautiful jazzy "Immer In Bewegung" and the rootsy (like many tunes wonderfully horn riffs driven) "What's Going On" and "What Else". The also rootsy "E Minor Skank" reminds me and that's a big compliment of early UK roots, before the dubby title song "Crime On Humanity" (with a beautiful subdued trumpet) precedes the funny "Bicycle Ride" and Lord Fly's (by Lord Creator in 1964 to worldfame sung) 1952 risquee "Big Bamboo".

Next up is one of those lost treasures of Jamaican music (and one of its first combinations by Bunny & Skitter as Busty & Cool in 1962 for Studio One) "What A World", flawlessly rendered by Irie Miah & The Massive Vibes here and then the bubbling complaint "Smoking Society" about the way we abuse Mother Earth is followed by the upful downtempo roots of "Youthman" and the earlier mentioned "Ska No. One (Instrumental)". This very fine album is brought to a close with the very wonderful and intriguing bilingual (English and German) "Sun Rise And Sun Sets". This album should definitely succeed in putting Irie Miah & The Massive Vibes in the public's attention again as it's definitely worth checking out.