45 (Forty-Five)
Universal-Groove Attack
June 8, 2007 (A) / September 28, 2007 (D/CH)

Track list
  1. Hand Zum Himmel
  2. Reggae Crowed
  3. Stop
  4. Marianne
  5. One World feat. Elijah Prophet & Uton Green
  6. Lass Mich
  7. Lively Up feat. Anthony B & Perfect
  8. Ich Weiss Noch
  9. Get Up Now
  10. So Weit
  11. Lang Her
  12. Never Give Up feat. Morgan Heritage
  13. Rough Roads
  14. Ein Mädchen Wie Du
    Hidden Bonus Track (at 15:36 minutes)
  15. One Love feat. Anthony B
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Austrian brothers Professa & Syrix from Vienna together form Iriepathie, an outfit which alongside co-producer and co-composer Bassix, the bassplayer of Austrian reggae band Buccaneers, who recently released the very entertaining "Defender II" various artists compilation of his productions, rose to mainstream fame in Austria. First infected with reggae mylitis when at age 8 and 6 the young brothers visited their family in Jamaica, their love culminated in eventually in establishing their Irievibrations label, together with Matty Dread as Irievibrations Soundsystem and performing as Iriepathie, in 2004 even sharing the stage with Sizzla, Beres Hammond, TOK and Chuck Fender at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, Jamaica. In 2006 their mainstream popularity in Austria gained through the hitsingle "Irievibrations" and their debut album "Reggaestration" and the fall 2006 EP "Niemals Aufgeben" led to Iriepathie being awarded the Amadeus Award for the best Austrian Alternative Act. And now their sophomore album "45 (Forty-Five)" gets a major-release on Universal Music, recorded and produced at their own Irievibrations Studio, where besides several riddim selections, the forthcoming label sampler and Perfect's "Born Dead With Life" have been recorded.

"Hand Zum Himmel" over their own 'Sunday'-riddim, like their other own wonderful one drop and ska riddims all live played with great horns by what is in fact a mixture of the line-ups of the Buccaneers and Austria's top notch backing band House Of Riddim featuring drummer Sam Gilly, opens this album, followed by the nice party-tune "Reggaecrowd" over Wayne 'Purple Skunk' Morris' riddim built round a Spanish acoustic guitar, 'Istanbul', one of only very few riddims not composed by Bassix and Syrix (and Professa for a fair share of the riddims as well) and "Stop" over the riddim with the same name composed by Professa alongside Manfred Puchner a.k.a. Mr. Apfarm, the guitar player of both Bassix' Buccaneers and Hans Söllner's Bayaman'Sissdem.

The magnificent disguised as a lovers tune "Marianne" is in fact a tune about their love for the holy herbs with that twist becoming a great ganja tune, before "One World", a great combination switching from Elijah Prophet & Utan Green's English lyrics to the German lyrics of Iriepathie and back about this one world, too many leaders is followed by "Lass Mich" with Professa asking his former lady to let him go as she has become his nightmare over Irievibrations' own 2007 7" selection 'Caribbean' that also featured 2 tunes by Luciano as well as Jah Mason, Morgan Heritage, Natty King and Uwe Kaa of Munich's Roots Rockers.

The very upful ska riddim 'Comback' is backing "Lively Up", the great combination with Anthony B and Perfect on which Professa like Iriepathie's guestsingjays also delivers his lyrics in English is followed by the excellent "Ich Weiss Noch" wie sie lächelnd vor mir stand, als ich sie das erste Mal sah a wonderful lovers tune for an unknown lady over their extremely nice 'Nelly'-riddim that I heard somewhere before but I can't recall the tune ... The righteous "Get Up Now" over (known of course best for his 'Rose Apple'-riddim) Kevin 'Ice Berg' Blake's magnificent horn driven sweet one drop 'Essence'-riddim is a very nice tune and so is their encouragement to go on as it's a long road to travel "So Weit" over their own (once more ska-tinged) 'Work Off'-riddim. "Lang Her" is yet another great take on former Culcha Candela beatmaster and producer Krutsch's smashing 'Give Thanks'-riddim about the sudden encounter with a former lover.

"Never Give Up" is the superb combination with Morgan Heritage" on which Professa once more delivers his lyrics also in English that was released as 7" on Irievibrations as part of their 2006 'Lovebird'-selection and Al.Ta.Fa.An's 'Kiana'-riddim is used for the very nice (once more in English) "Rough Roads". "Ein Mädchen Wie Dich" is the wonderful lovers tune that appeared as "Glaub Mir" on Bassix Riddim Cooperation's "Defender II" album, officially the last tune on the album, but everyone who wondered where the powerful combination "One Love We Need" with Anthony B over Irievibrations' 2005 'Peace'-riddim went, it is included as hidden bonus track at 15:36 into track 14 "Ein Mädchen Wie Du". It is safe to assume that Iriepathie, who went big with their first album "Reggaestration" and the "Niemals Aufgeben (EP)" will hit it even bigger with this fabulous sophomore album.