The Mischen
Ischen Impossible
DHF Records-Groove Attack
May 19, 2006

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Es Ist Mein Traum feat. Olivizzel
  3. Rich Girl
  4. Dancehallfieba
  5. Wenn Meine Seele Ruht feat. Olivizzel & Sakip
  6. De Mic In Hand feat. Microphone Mafia
  7. Switch
  8. Mein Business feat. Olivizzel
  9. Die Wahrheit feat. Jonesmann
  10. Du Bleibst Mir feat. Cassandra Steen
  11. A Mene Nije Briga feat. Carmen & Ragga P
  12. Outro
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
Ischen Impossible is the all female hip hop 'girl group' out of Düsseldorf, Germany, comprising 2 MCs and a soul singer, with all girls mastering German and a second language, English, Yugoslavian and Russian. D'Iva, Meli and singer Lidia, who are musically accompanied by (male) turntablist DJ Stylo (Uppercutz Crew) and with former member Conny a.k.a. DJane now taking on management & booking duties have since coming together in this line-up in April 2004 written at least 80 songs and released several mixtapes as well as contributed to several compilations, e.g. to the Dancehallfieber series with on "Dancehallfieber Vol. 3" their very catchy tribute to Sen-Sen-Sensimilia "Grünzeugkristalle", on "Dancehallfieber Vol. 4" their strong "Boom" over Rootdown Records' 'Champagne'-riddim produced by Thilo 'teka' Jacks and on "Dancehallfieber Vol. 5 walking in the footsteps of Dr. Ring-Ding on "Vol. 4" by contributing a tune with the same name as the series, and the label Dancehallfieber a.k.a. DHF Records now releasing their debut full-length album "The Mischen". That title is of course a word-play on their bandname, itself a word-play on the Yiddish word Ischen, meaning girl/woman. After the "Intro" containing a shout-out to their telephone-answering-machine by German soul singer Max Herre, the second tune "Es Ist Ein Traum" It Is A Dream is introduced by Queen Omega's shout-out into that same telephone-answering-machine before fully showcasing what Ischen Impossible is all about, over an oriental-influenced flute(?) (by Olivizzel?) melody and other oriental sounding instruments embellished straightforward hiphop beat, laid and produced for almost all tunes by K21 Music (SB Productions and B. van der Zwaan), backing the convincing multilingual raps by D'Iva and Meli and beautiful soulful singing by Lidia. "Dancehallfieba" is the nice and catchy poppy tune that was the 'title-track' of "Dancehallfieber Vol. 5", followed by the magnificent "Wenn Meine Seele Ruht" When My Soul Takes A Rest where Lidia's singing as well as the backing make you immediately think of Ofra Haza and her "Im Nin Alu" that is outroed into a "Skit" with Samy Deluxe's shout-out and that of Afrob, before the Microphone Mafia - multicultural 'founding fathers' of German hip hop -, like Ischen Impossible multilingual, join them for the fine "De Mic In Hand". "Switch" is a great hip hop tune that also showcases how fine Meli and D'Iva's raps combine with Lidia's great singing, followed by another entertaining oriental sounding tune "Mein Business" once more featuring Olivizzel. Samson Jones a.k.a. Jonesmann, German rap-newcomer of the year 2004, coming from the same musical hip hop background as D-Flame, and like him a former member of the Asiatic Warriors, joins Ischen Impossible for the great "Die Wahrheit" The Truth, before one of Germany's most prominent female soul singers, Glashaus frontlady Cassandra Steen is featured on the super heavy bass slow jam "Du Bleibst Mir" You Stay (True To) Me, before the Bosnian dancehall rap "A Mene Nije Briga" featuring Carmen & Ragga P is the last vocal track on this very fine full length debut album. The "Outro" has Gentleman contributing the last wicked shout-out and if you're only halfway into either rap or (hip hop) soul, this album is highly recommended to you.