Dub Salute 6 ~ I See Jah Dub
Roger Robin
Jah Shaka Music
February 9, 2009

Track list
Side One:
  1. Use Me Jah Dub
  2. I See Jah Dub
  3. Praising Jah Dub
  4. Keep On Chanting Dub
  5. Be Thankful Dub
  6. Journey On Dub
Side Two:
  1. Together Dub
  2. Herbsman Dub
  3. Them Say We Wrong Dub
  4. Jah Kingdom Dub
  5. Come Now Jah Dub
  6. High Road To Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Roger Robin (aka Roger Williams) was born in Bristol, England in 1967 and grew up in South East London. His musical career began at the early age of 11 when he started working on the well known London based Sound System Saxon alongside Papa Levi, Maxi Priest and Smiley Culture to name a few. During that time, Roger Robin developed skills in piano playing, song writing and his vocal techniques.

So far, Roger has released five albums, namely his debut album "Undiluted" (1993), which received the British Reggae Industries Best British Reggae Album Award. His second album "Reflections" was released in 1995, with the single "More Love" from that album being awarded Best British Reggae Industries Best Single. It lasted six years before his third album "Robin" appeared in the racks, while his fourth album "Take It Slow" came out in 2005 after he had met the dynamic duo, producer Lloyd Campbell and sound engineer Jason Sterling, of the Joe Fraser Record Label.

In the Spring of 2006 Roger Robin's fifth full lenght album "I See Jah" hit the streets. Recorded in the early '90s at Fashion's A-Class Studio in London with Mafia & Fluxy building the riddims and Gussie P being responsible for the mixing, this 11-track set bore the fruit of his teaming up with renown sound system man and producer Jah Shaka. The latter ran tracks from this album as dubplates on his sound for a couple of years, which actually created quite a buzz amongst roots fans. Probably best known for his lovers tunes, Roger Robin fully showed that he's also very capable of delivering notable songs that deal with Roots, Culture and Reality. Although he has his own style, the resemblance with Garnet Silk's vocal delivery is obvious in quite a few tunes, in particular in "Journey".

And now, almost three years after the release of "I See Jah", Jah Shaka has finally issued the long awaited and much anticipated dubwise companion to the vocal album entitled "Dub Salute 6 ~ I See Jah Dub". The way Gussie P dubs up riddim and vocal shows that he's a true dub master. His style of dubbing is instantly recognizable and rightly appreciated by fans of quality dub versions of hard edged modern roots tunes. Riddims like Johnny Clarke's "Blood Dunza" ("I See Jah Dub"), Creole's awesome "Jah Creation" ("Be Thankful Dub") and Twinkle Brothers' "I Love You So" ("High Road To Dub") are great adaptations of the originals, not least thanks to the involvement of the London duo of Mafia & Fluxy. "Together" was a standout piece of the vocal album and here its dub version, "Together Dub", proves to be a real killer. Other deadly goods are "Herbsman Dub", "Keep On Chanting Dub", "Journey On Dub", and "Be Thankful Dub", while the rest is also worth of hearing.

All in all an interesting and very enjoyable dub set and certainly a recommended purchase for those who own the vocal album.