Delroy Washington
October, 1976

Track list
  1. Jah Wonderful
  2. Generation Game
  3. Midnight Ravers
  4. Stoney Blows
  5. Freedom Fighters
  6. Gotta Keep On Movin'
  7. Observance
  8. Time Passage
  9. Clean Hearted People
  10. This Ya Reggae Music
  11. Ladbroke Grove
"... Selassie I is the Trinity, you`ve got to take this as truth, so look so look and you will see, I know I know you must agree the Lion the Lion prevail..."

Listen to this music, I mean listen, and you will hear something you`ve never heard before. Nor will you be able to put your finger on it. Is it the drumming, the bass playing, the keyboards? Is it the slow, deliberate pace? Is it those guitar spots, the horns, the harmonica? Or is it the singer, his voice, his songs, his observances?

It`s the music. I mean the inspiration that`s gone into its creation. Don`t let the seemingly one paced-ness of most of the songs put you off, or you`ll be doomed. Listen again. Is it the quality of the songs or is it the melodies? The lyrics?

"... Your feet can go often walking, ha ha" Is he serious? "Pacing along great strides, ignorant to those warning pits, that`s a calling them to come inside..."

Watch out manhole, that ambush around the corner, that envious man. Listen again! Is It the front cover? Yes! I sus.