Album review
Mustafa Sandal feat. Gentleman
Polydor (Universal)
January 10, 2005

Tracking list

  1. Isyankar Beathoavenz Cut
  2. Isyankar NAD
  3. Isyankar Sabor De Amor - Panjabi MC
  4. Isyankar Beathoavenz Real Mix
  5. Isyankar Kingstone's Seņorita Mix
  6. Isyankar DJ Friction Club Mix
  7. Isyankar Meltdown Mix
  8. Isyankar (Video)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

After all the dancehall riddims released in the last couple of years featuring belly dance melodies, oriental percussion, strings and other middle-eastern flavored samples, with several of these produced in Germany, it's not too much of a surprise that Germany's No.1 reggaestar Gentleman, after the success of his "Confidence" album and "Superior" single over Pow Pow's successful riddim of the same name taken from that album, teams up with Turkish No.1 Mustafa Sandal for a song merging Turkish-Oriental pop with reggae and hip hop. The original recording of "Isyankar" by Mustafa Sandal spent 8 weeks at the #1 spot in his homeland Turkey in the summer of 2004, and just 3 weeks after the release of this new combination version of "Isyankar" Rebellious over a riddim produced by Germany hip hop producers The Beathoavenz (who had their commercial breakthrough earlier in 2004 with German rapper Sido's "Mein Block") it's propelled into the German Pop Charts' Top 10, and probably would have made the #1 spot if released a couple months later as a big summerhit. It's a wonderful combination of the sweet singing of Mustafa Sandal and Gentleman's convincing singjaying, that opens the "Beathovenz Cut" of the tune after the melancholic piano chords with its: Sandal and Gentleman tell dem say love it ah di only way / never ever you will go astray / why you send a lion... Boom.. / make dem know we go like this before Mustafa Sandal kicks in, singing Don't be afraid / get closer with your feelings / Don't you think that your heart knows that you headed a step? / Would a life pass? (would a life pass like this) // If you want, the mountains / will move will move / My heart which is endurance / Is uprising for your love over the Turkish - through a slightly melancholic flute dominated - melody with its typical percussion pattern. A bit more bass upfront in the mix in the "NAD"-cut, with another even more dominating flute melody, before the percussion is mixed upfront in the "Sabor De Amor"-mix by Panjabi Mix. Original producers Beathovenz also add their "Beathovenz Real Mix" with an even more oriental sounding riff, as well as an almost trashy riff dominating the mix, before my favorite version (that is at the time of writing the music playing on their homepage) on German Soundsystem Kingstone's smash "Seņorita"-riddim, that was also featured in four other versions on Germaican Records' "Shining Stars Volume 3" is up, of course being the most dancehall-floor aimed version. The "DJ Friction Club Mix" has tribal-ish percussion, and a more subsonic dance bass, before a Spanish sounding guitar takes us into the chilled down nearly acoustic "Meltdown Mix" closing the audio part of this Maxi-CD with the fabulous earwig versions of this tune. As an extra there's the nice video shot in Istanbul of "Isyankar", a tune even the most rigid purist should at least give a listen, and that everyone else should lay his hands on.


/ Souljah Green Beret Productions