Ital Dub
Augustus Pablo
July 1975

Track list
  1. The Big Rip Off
  2. Road Block
  3. Curly Dub
  4. Well Red
  5. Gun Trade
  6. Shake Up
  7. Hillside Airstrip
  8. Bardewire Disaster
  9. Mr. Bigg
  10. Eli's Move
  11. House Raid
  12. Shake Down
Grass roots music to make you shudder -- if you`re one who can appreciate it. It`s about energy, the energy of a suppressed rasta/ganja/youth culture. Out of the heat and frustration of Jamaica`s concrete jungle comes this gut music of the younger generation, which some call reggae.

But the very word "reggae" has lost its meaning. The people who used to buy reggae don`t anymore because the music they liked has almost vanished and they cannot adapt to today`s sounds. No melody, they say, the lyrics are bad. The musicianship is crazy and untogether, too blatant, no polish. Their arguments are naive and misplaced. Up from the heart of the heat of Kingston sprang a man called King Tubby and he wiped the board with his style of engineering and deejaying. After Tubby, reggae could find no place to live. The name is just a fly in the ointment now, a highly publicised misnomer. The youth don`t need it. People abroad who believe that JA music is represented by Johnny Nash and Jimmy Cliff, they need it.

Produced by Tommy Cowan and Warwick Lyn. Recorded at Dynamic, Harry J, and Tubby`s studios. An album of free, unpretentious JA music. Try "Shake Up" or "Shake Down", "Barbwire Disaster" or "Eli`s Move". Dub music, they call this in Jamaica, rockers dub. There`s hardly any singing. Take it or leave it.