It's My Time
Everton Blender
Explorer Music
January 26, 2006

Track list
  1. Give Thanks To The Father
  2. Blender Nah Gone No Way
  3. She Is Leaving
  4. Travel The World
  5. Make It If You Try
  6. Baby
  7. Tallow Tallow
  8. The Philosopher
  9. Shanty
  10. One Who Loves You
  11. What A Feeling
  12. It's My Time
  13. Time Drawing Near
  14. Sing Mi A Go Sing feat. Louie Culture
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
As we are reminded early on - 'Mi nah gone no way blender still deh yah' - with this album "It's My Time" Everton Blender, from Clarendon, Jamaica reaffirms his place as one of reggae's most underrated artists. The late Garnet Silk is partly to thank for Blender's re-emergence, Silk introducing him to producer Richard Bell in 1995. This led to a contract which rekindled his career. Thus, despite spending the best part of a decade out of the recording studio, Blender began gaining the recognition his talent deserved in the latter part of the 1990's. A conscious singer with a warm, smooth vocal style, Blender's fourteen tracks on "It's My Time" take the listener through various themes including faith and love whilst maintaining an accessible, up-tempo positivity.

The lover's rock single "She Is Leaving", a song inspired by his wife, is a stand out tune. "Travel The World", which follows it, also strikes a chord with its catchy chorus of '…When they back is against the wall/ Seven times rise mi say seven times fall…' Also of note are the upbeat title tune "It's My Time", the sensi tune "Shanty" and the deep chant of "Tallow Tallow". Ordinarily I would have to question the inclusion of a cover of Curtis Mayfield's classic "I'm the One Who Loves You" but it's done well enough and its familiarity doesn't detract from the album.

This is a very easy to listen to album and its allusion to classic reggae whilst retaining a modern edge and awareness should appeal to all reggae fans. Although not steeped in originality the album gives a solid account of how conscious reggae and lover's rock can still sound fresh when effectively crafted. The quality is consistent with some excellent use of backing vocals, catchy, varied instrumentation and, tying it all together, Blender's rich appealing vocals.