Album review
Vivian Jones feat. Iauwata & Jah Wayne
Imperial House

Tracking list

  1. Mr. Gwanlike
  2. Crazy Baldhead
  3. Caan Come A Roots
  4. Flash It An Gwan
  5. Dub It An Gwan
  6. Jah Only (Anyone Out There)
  7. African Love
  8. Africa Free (Stop The War) featuring Jah Wayne
  9. Riding On A Vibe
  10. Jah Vibe
  11. Jah Only Dub Vocal
  12. Mr. Gwanlike Dub Vocal
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Since more than two decades by now Vivian Jones has proven that he's a consistent hit maker as well as a prolific songwriter and fine producer. Due to the fact that his chart-topping songs were mostly lovers tunes Vivian Jones has been regarded as a lovers rock performer pur sang, even though this expressive singer initially made his reputation with the "Jah Works" album, a set of roots material recorded for Jah Shaka. By the mid-90s he established his own "Imperial House" label on which he released the rootsy "Iyaman" in 1994. With "Iyaman", and then "The King", he escaped his lovers rock image and fully showed the multifaceted nature of his talent. After having been "out of stock" for some years the "Iyaman" album is now available again as it has been re-released on cd due to popular demand. This set contains all self-produced material with the exception of the cover version of Bob Marley's "Crazy Baldhead", which is a Stingray production. The music featured here has stood the test of time and thus still sounds as good as it did some ten years ago. The singer's distinctive voice is underpinned by well arranged riddims, laid by experienced musicians such as Iauwata, Jah Wayne, Preacher, Errol Fenton and Ruff Cutt members Jazzwad, Crucial Tony and Fish Brown. This, and the fact that Vivian Jones' vocal and lyrical delivery is first-class, makes "Iyaman" an entertaining album well worth the listen. Our favourite tracks are the wicked album opener "Mr. Gwanlike", the wonderful "Caan Come A Roots", the moving "Jah Only" and "Riding On A Vibe". Quality reggae music from beginning to end!

Teacher & Mr. T.