Sweet Love
JJ Appleby
Uniteam Music
CD / Digital Release
November 22, 2015

Track list
  1. Sweet Love
  2. Messiah Messiah
  3. Style And Fashion
  4. Sweet Darling
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Versatility is a necessity to make a lasting impact in the music business. JJ APPLEBY is an artist who's at total ease and control singing Gospel, Soul and sweet Reggae Music. He demonstrates his sweet delivery to the fullness on his new EP "SWEET LOVE". A testament of his true talent and faith released on the ever reliant UNITEAM MUSIC label. Prepare for tracks that breathe Real Authentic Sound.

JJ APPLEBY (Winston Fraser) honed his craft in Kingston JA before migrating to the UK. Currently residing in Croydon, this artist has been releasing magnificent works and wisely utilizes the "quality over quality" formula. His 2009 album, "Situation" is a tour-de-force that's soulfully sweet and resonating. He has released crucial singles to keep the fire burning. In September 2014, he won the prestigious "Best Soul Award" (X-posing Awards) for the brilliant "What's Your Name?". Early this year, he released "The Greatest Love"; an album chock full of diversity and substance. Mr. Fraser is preparing for another full length release in the coming months.

"SWEET LOVE" was realized at Ace Lane Studio by ace engineer Don Ricardo with mastering done at Jack-O Studio. These crucial tracks are produced by Winston and Mr. Chin (UNITEAM MUSIC). It's safe to say any project with the Uniteam imprint is going to be top flight. Consider the labels critically acclaimed albums with Vernon Maytone, Ricky Chaplin and works with Paul Fox and Carlton Livingston and the urgency prevails. "Sweet Love" is a total masterpiece! This is sweet and soulful Lovers Rock. It evokes memories of the ground breaking The Investigators (brilliant group from the early days of Lovers Rock). Mr. Fraser rides the tight riddim flawlessly and the listener will hang on from start to finish. Just a magical track. "Messiah Messiah" displays the true faith in The Most High. The vibration is more in a Dancehall vein and it totally works. JJ rides the interesting riddim tight; one can hear nuances of Lee Perry here. A unique and powerful work. "Style And Fashion" continues the Dancehall vibes. Over a riddim that is loosely "Stalag 17", the artist chats up like a true champion. There's a Royal distinction of wisdom and experience throughout these tracks and it's front and center here. "Sweet Darling" returns to sweet and soulful Lovers Rock. The riddim is anchored by top bass work, taut bubbling and beautifully subtle sax work. This is one of the most heartfelt songs of the Heart to be heard in some time. A song that beckons repeated listening for sure!

JJ APPLEBY's "SWEET LOVE" is a flawless pairing of lyrics to riddim; seamed together with pure Heart and Soul. True artists convey their honesty and beliefs with no partiality. That's exactly what Mr. Fraser does from start to finish. This is a Royal offering that needs to be presented in full length format and will become a reality in the near future. A totally satisfying quartet of tracks that will nourish fans, both old and new. Don't hesitate on this fantastic project!! Highest recommendation! GO DEH!!