Jahmel & The Rhythm Factory
Digital Release
Andy Promotions
September 18, 2010

Reflections Track list
  1. Ethiopian Anthem
  2. Dreadlocks Congo I
  3. Third World Countries
  4. Freedom Song
  5. Hang Em High
  6. Girl Like Mine feat. Ruffian & Blackman
  7. Lover Like U
  8. This Love Of Mine
  9. Puppy Love
  10. One For the Road
  11. It's Your Turn To Have A Broken Heart
  12. Guiding Star
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In the history of Jamaican popular music lots of artists haven't been recognized as truly great artists by a wide audience (think Admiral Tibett) and thus they have never been able to achieve a big breakthrough and firmly establish their name. Jahmel is another one, a great singer and lyricist but a criminally overlooked and very underrated talent. Even a collaboration with successful producer Donovan Germain, which led to the release of a full length self-titled album in 2004, didn't bring him to the forefront of Reggae music. Now the producer with whom he recorded his best and most consistent works, Roydale "Andy" Anderson, has (digitally) released the album "Reflections". The latter combines 12" releases with tracks taken from Jahmel's sophomore album "Ruff For Years", all recorded at the dawning of the digital era in the mid-80s.

After the release of his debut LP "Watchful Eyes" -- recorded at Harry J's with the Wailers band -- in 1983, Jahmel together with his late brother and bass player Michael "Mikey" O'Connor formed a band called Jahmel & The Rhythm Factory (JMRF) in 1984. The first recordings they did was at Mark's Studio in Clarence, New York and included "Ethiopian Anthem", "Dreadlocks Bongo I", "One For The Road", and "It's Your Turn To Have A Broken Heart", all of them gathered here. Besides regularly doing live perfomances, the band kept on recording at Mark's studio and the fruits of that labor appeared on the "Ruff For Years" LP, and now also on this "Reflections" set. Standout tracks such as "Ethiopian Anthem", "Dreadlocks Bongo I", "Third World Countries, "One For The Road", and "Guiding Star" are complemented by solid pieces like "Freedom Song", "Hang Em High" and the wonderful "It's Your Turn To Have A Broken Heart".

Even though these recordings were done some 25 years ago, they still sound good and fresh today. A truly remarkable collection of classic Jahmel tunes that shouldn't be overlooked!