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December 27, 2008

Jahmel Track list
  1. Introlude
  2. Jamdown Whats Up
  3. Real Dance Hall
  4. Little Herb
  5. Lanlard
  6. Money Gone
  7. Wanty Wanty
  8. We R 1
  9. Secret Admirer
  10. R U X Perienced
  11. Love Ballad
  12. Loving You Is Easy
  13. Life
  14. Count My Blessing
  15. Get Ready
  16. Africa Awaits
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Total votes : 10
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Even though Jahmel has been active in the reggae industry since almost three decades, he's still trying to become a household name in reggae circles. It's hard to understand why this conscious singer, whose criminally overlooked debut lp "Watchful Eyes" featured the Wailers band on the riddims and Judah Eskender Tafari on backing vocals, hasn't managed to make a big breakthrough despite the fact that most of his releases gained critical acclaim. One of the reasons could be the fact that he's never been a very prolific artist, which is almost a must in the very competitive Jamaican musical industry. Even his collaboration with successful and well respected producer Donovan Germain on several occasions during the 2000s, which led to the recording of a self titled album in 2004, didn't help Jamel further on the road to glory.

Now Jahmel returns with "Timeless", a brand new album for which he teamed up with Roydale "Andy" Anderson, the one who discovered him in a dance hall in Rochester, New York, and then produced his 1983 released debut album. From a musical point of view a good move as this collection of tunes proves to be more consistent than the album that was produced under the watchful guidance of Donovan Germain. "Timeless" contains songs of love and culture, while riddimwise the listener is treated to a mixture of revitalized classic backdrops and fresh originals. After the superfluous "Introlude" (why not included "Roots, Wine And Roses" instead?!) it's the nice "Jamdown Whats Up", performed over Sly & Robbie's "Sitting & Watching" riddim from 1980, that sets things going. Next drops "Real Dance Hall", a solid tune that also benefits from an updated version of Max Romeo's classic "Three Blind Mice" riddim. The very enjoyable "A Little Herb" across the much versioned "The Answer aka Never Let Go" riddim dates from 2003 when it was released as 7" single on Penthouse Records.

Underpinned by a bouncing dancehall beat, the wicked "Lanlard" showcases that Jahmel is also able to handle these kinda riddims in fine style. "Money Gone", an awesome combination song with an uncredited rough-voiced deejay that brings to mind John Holt's "My Heart Is Gone", has a strong 'old skool' dancehall vibe. The mood changes drastically with the wonderful "Wanty-Wanty" on which Jahmel is solely accompanied by nyahbinghi drumming. "We R 1" and "R U X Perienced" -- both Marley-esque songs -- belong to the standouts, and also the in-between lovers tune "Secret Admirer" is worth of hearing. Matters of the heart are also the main theme of "Love Ballad" and the very entertaining "Loving You Is Easy". It's consciousness all over again with "Life", "Count Your Blessings", and "Get Ready", and all of them can safely be filled under the 'good music' label. The album is rounded off in great style with "Africa Awaits".

Hopefully this album, which is solid throughout, will take Jahmel's musical career to the next level. Anyway, we will keep our fingers crossed!!