Jah Warrior III
Luciano & Anthony B
Penitentiary-Walboomers Music
July 23, 2005

Track list
  1. Reggae Blues - Luciano
  2. No Place like Home - Anthony B
  3. Distruction - Luciano
  4. Queen And A Lady - Anthony B
  5. Look at whats going on - Luciano
  6. No Stray - Anthony B
  7. I Will Follow Thee - Luciano
  8. No Man - Anthony B
  9. Then One Day - Luciano
  10. Herbs - Anthony B
  11. Be Strong - Luciano
  12. Nah Dance (aka Waan Back) - Anthony B
  13. I Yagah - Luciano
  14. Bad Boy - Anthony B
  15. Move On Up - Luciano
  16. Love and Affection - Anthony B
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
After the release of Luciano & Capleton's "Jah Warrior II", Penitentiary Records returns with "Jah Warrior Part III", this time featuring Luciano and Anthony B, and sixteen conscious reggae tracks.

Both Luciano and Anthony B emerged in the 1990s and belong to the major figures in the development of modern roots. Whilst Luciano established himself as an exciting roots singer (although he's also proven to be clearly at home with traditional lovers offerings), Anthony B gained notable success as a militant deejay/chanter. He's one of the first adherents to the Bobo dread faith in the music business, and actually started the entire "more fire" vogue in reggae lyrics with his controversial 1996 single "Fire Pon Rome".

This album -- mainly consisting of earlier released 7" singles (some dating from the year 1999!) for various producers -- covers a variety of styles ranging from melodic songs to dancehall.

Four of the Anthony B tracks included here are featured on earlier released Penitentiary Records' compilation sets, namely "No Place Like Home", which can be found on "Five Disciples Part I" (2001), and "Bad Boy", "Nah Dance" and "Queen And A Lady" on "Five Disciples Part II" (2003). In recent years Anthony B's vocal style has become decidly less melodic, however on most of the tracks gathered here he luckily utilizes his more melodic singjay style. "No Place Like Home", "Queen And A Lady", the awesome "No Man", and "Nah Stray" with its strong nyahbinghi riddim, are worth of hearing as they bring us Anthony B at his best.

Luciano's warm rich baritone, still the finest extant, is always a joy to hear and here it's no exception. The Messenjah delivers some real strong efforts, which include "Distruction", the uptempo "Look At What's Going On", "Then One Day", and "Be Strong".

Even though this isn't an album with brand new material, it's certainly a good purchase.