Jamaica No Problem
Anthony Que
Jenny's Records - Corner Shop
January 20, 2008

Track list
  1. Scared
  2. Jamaica No Problem
  3. Rough
  4. Listen To The People feat. Gyptian
  5. You Know I Love You
  6. No Jestering
  7. We Don't Care
  8. Kerry
  9. Girl Of My Dream feat. Asalente
  10. Break Up Make Up feat. Chantelle
  11. Where Did The Love Go
  12. Mr Gummy
  13. Burn Babylon
  14. No Jestering feat. Hit List
  15. Sweet Jamaica
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Four years ago we reviewed Anthony Que's debut set "A Brighter Day Is Coming" and we called it "a solid debut set from a much promising, versatile artist, ready to take his place in the forefront of reggae music". This is album number four from Anthony and I'm sorry to inform you he probably never will be in the forefront of today's reggae scene.

Anthony began singing when he was nine years old and first honed his rapport with live audiences by bringing the house down at school concert. By fourteen his friends were calling him Singing Q - itself an abbreviation of Singing Quality. With Beres Hammond, Luciano, Ducky Simpson of Black Uhuru and George Nooks all living nearby, Anthony never lack for musical inspiration, although there is gospel purity to his voice that could only come from the church. His first steps into the music profession were with a gospel group called the Missionary Band, whom he joined after high school. When he joined Beres Hammondís Harmony House stable he recorded "Spreading Jah Love" and "Same Road" a duet with Jah Cure, and started to make a name for himself.

What needs to be said about his latest release? Well it starts with a skippable song called Scared , loosely based on the 80's hitsingle from Sting we all know as 'Fragile'. The next song is Jamaica No Problem , which would have been a better way to start this album off, followed by nice tunes like Rough and Listen To The People featuring Gyptian. Other songs worth mentioning are You Know I Love You, We Don't Care, Burn Babylon and Mr Gunny. Together with the aforementioned titles these are the better tunes on this album.

You can't blame Anthony the fact he tries to attract a larger audience with some poppy reggae (Scared, Where Did The Love Go) or dancehall (Girl Of My Dream) but because of these below average moments he fails in making this the solid effort he should have made considering the time he is doing his thing in the reggae scene. Don't get me wrong... Anthony Que is a talented singer and a good songwriter and this album is overall a nice listen but Anthony Que suffers the so-called Terror Fabulous-syndrome. Back in the 90's Terror Fabulous was so 'unfortunate' that also Buju Banton was making a name himself, Anthony Que is so 'unfortunate' that we all know Jah Cure and Luciano too.

This release still contains more than enough songs I enjoyed and every review is subjective, so take my advice: Give it a listen!