Album review
Jamaica Super Dub Session
Wackies Allstars

Tracking list

  1. Sibles In Dub
  2. Promotion Rock
  3. Jamaica Dub
  4. Super Dub
  5. Bag Man Dub
  6. Dub Stew
  7. Hot And Cold
  8. Dub Parade
  9. Summer Dub
  10. Dub Star
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

This is another superb release in the string of classic Wackies albums that have been (re)released by Berlin dub-techno duo Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus a.k.a. Rhythm & Sound, as part of their rerelease program of the complete Wackie's catalog. More on their own releases, whether technodub on Basic Channel or their Rhythm & Sound label and also on their classic Wackie's (re)releases can be found at the Basic Channel website. This album is a killer, starting with "Sibles In Dub" centered around Leroy Sibbles bass part, one of the two Studio One stalwarts featured on this album, the other being reggae's most famous keyboard player ever Jackie Mittoo. The other musicians featured on this originally in 1983 released album are Lloyd 'Bullwackie' Barnes' usual session players Itopia, being for these particular riddims Fabian Cooke, Owen Stewart, Jerry Harris, Clive Hunt and Annette Brissett, who plays on some of these tracks that were used as riddim tracks for her own solo album "Love Power". The slow moody keyboard of "Promotion Rock" alongside it's picked guitar and echoed drums is a true masterpiece, followed by the more groovy "Jamaica Dub" with snippets of "this feeling has got me" and a tribute to the drummer and bassman vocals brought in. "Super Dub" is much more in the instrumental reggae tradition than dub as we'd expect it. "Bag Man Dub" is a heavy dub, with the vocal track just audible in the back of the mix. "Dub Stew" is as drum and percussion driven as "Bag Man Dub", and full of effects with a keyboard melody in front of the mix. "Hot And Cold" has beautiful percussion and is a more upbeat almost keyboard driven steppers like dub, and is followed by the beautiful "Dub Parade with a prominent role for hornsman Jerry Johnson. "Summer Dub" is a beautiful dub that is however hampered by the gimmicky and irritating synth-riff. This excellent dub album, that can stand on its own even compared to the legendary "African Roots Act 3" is closed by the wonderful seemingly jazz influenced sounds of "Dub Star". This album is simply a must have for every reggae aficionado in general and dub connaisseur in particular.