Irievibrations Records
CD / Digital Release
June 17, 2013

Frequency - Jahcoustix Track list
  1. Frequency
  2. Calling For Rights
  3. Soul Collide
  4. Love Save I
  5. Controller feat. Apple Gabriel
  6. Rocks
  7. Screw Is Loose
  8. Strong Man feat. Horace Andy
  9. Blaze It Out
  10. Don't Shoot feat. Kabaka Pyramid & Raphael
  11. Better Days feat. Dub Inc.
  12. Fail Hard
  13. Kings Of Democracy
  14. Echo
  15. Nothing A Change - Bonus Track
  16. Faith Keeper - Bonus Track
  17. Controller (Dub Version) - Bonus Track
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Total votes : 11
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
As a youth, Dominik Haas aka Jahcoustix (born in Bonn, Germany on 4th October 1978) had a nomad's life as he spent years in Kenya, Mexico, Liberia, New York, and Egypt. He actually discovered music in Nairobi, Kenya in 1992, where he began writing his first songs. After returning to Germany at the age of 20, Jahcoustix fully dedicated his life to music and has ever since departed on a journey that has taken him and his songs half way around the world. Jahcoustix has released five studio albums and played some 1000 live concerts over the last decade.

For his sixth album entitled "Frequency", he teamed up with the production crew of Austrian Irievibrations Records and also worked with a few other producers. Jahcoustix's main idea was to provide his fans with uncompromising Roots Reggae, and that's exactly what they (and you) get from beginning - the title track "Frequency" - to end - "Echo" on the CD / "Controller (Dub Version)" on the Digital Release. If you're not familiar with Jahcoustix's music it may take several spins before you're going to appreciate his vocal delivery, because he hasn't an instantly appealing singing style. On the other hand it's the strong lyrical content of his songs that instantly attracts your attention and keeps you involved till the very end.

You'll probably have to listen to it a few times, but then you'll draw the conclusion that the first track of this album, the title track "Frequency", turns out to be an extraordinary tune with great horns. Although "Calling For Rights" comes with a different feel and vibe, and at first hear doesn't make a great impression, it still matches its predecessor. The strong "Soul Collide" and the wonderful "Love Safe I" round off the first part of this album in great style. Other efforts that belong to the best this album has to offer include "Rocks", "Fail Hard", "Kings Of Democrazy", "Faith Keeper" and the slow burner "Echo".

A bit of variation is brought in with guest appearances of Apple Gabriel, former member of Israel Vibration, Horace Andy, Kabaka Pyramid, Italian singer Raphael, and Dub Inc. from France. "Controller", the collaboration with Apple Gabriel, is a roots tune of sheer beauty and one of the highlights here. Almost equally impressive is Jahcoustix's collaboration with Horace Andy, "Strong Man", as the voices of both vocalists fit very well together. The ear-catching "Don't Shoot", featuring Kabaka Pyramid & Raphael, is an anti-violence tune that wouldn't go unnoticed when it was put out as a single. The combination tune "Better Days" with Dub Inc. (who contribute lyrics in French) is a nice effort, but in the end it loses out against the other collaborations.

Jahcoustix has delivered an album that shouldn't be overlooked by any self-respecting Roots Reggae fan.