Toe 2 Toe Vol. IX
Jah Cure & Richie Spice
Charm-Jet Star
October 10, 2005

Track list
  1. This Train - Richie Spice
  2. The Sound - Jah Cure
  3. Gone Astray - Richie Spice
  4. Most High Cup Full - Jah Cure
  5. Earth Alert - Richie Spice
  6. Jamaica - Jah Cure
  7. Oh Woman - Richie Spice
  8. Diamond & Gold - Jah Cure
  9. Don't Worry - Richie Spice & Spanner Banner
  10. Share The Love - Jah Cure & Gentleman
  11. Go Away - Richie Spice
  12. Heartbeat - Jah Cure
  13. Robbery - Richie Spice
  14. Out Of Control - Jah Cure
  15. Slang A Slang - Richie Spice
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
Jet Star present in their "Toe 2 Toe" series their 9th volume, pairing the still imprisoned Jah Cure's vocals whose vocals have been recorded in Spanish Town Prison & one of the other new roots icons Richie Spice. Richie Spice opens this album with his very melodic tune about leaving Babylon today "This Train" over Katrina 'DJ Sunshine' Irons' & Carlton Calvin Reid's 'Real Life'-riddim, actually an excellent update of Shenley Duffus "To Be A Lover" and Delroy Wilson's "Have Some Mercy". Jah Cure sings about his love for music in "The Sound" over Danger Zone's 'Turmoil' riddim, Richie Spice for Rohan 'Suga' Manning's First Foundation "Gone Astray" over the 'Calcium'-riddim before Jah Cure's beautiful "Most High Cup Full" over the by BBC 1Xtra's Seani B produced 'Sun Is Shining'-riddim for his Big League label, a superb relick of the classic Bob Marley & the Wailers classic riddim. Richie Spice's "Earth Alert" is an excellent tune warning us for what will happen over the slow acoustic 'Flames'-riddim for producer Ray Stephens' not completely uncontroversial Vertex Productions. "Jamaica" is one of Jah Cure's most beautiful tunes, almost unbelievable someone alllegedly innocent imprisoned in a country would record such a beautiful song of praise for that country, over Danger Zone's 'Sunshine'-riddim, much in the same vein of 'Flames'. Richie Spice contributes the more uptempo lovers tune "Oh Woman" over a relick of the Techniques' 1968 'I'm In The Mood For Love' a.k.a. Sanchez' 'Loneliness Leave Me Alone'-riddim produced by former Matumbi drummer Euton Jones. Jah Cure's "Diamond & Gold" is another brilliant tune over Vertex' 'Runway'-riddim, on which the combination "So Free" with Vybz Kartel also has been voiced. Richie Spice is joined by his brother Spanner Banner for the upful "Don't Worry" over Norman 'Bulpuss' Bryan's great relick of the Studio One instrumental by the Sound Dimension 'Heavy Rock'. Jah Cure's imitation of Jacob Miller's vocal style in "Have A Dream" over Michael Johnson's 'Tenement Yard'-riddim for Heights Of Heights makes it obvious that Jah Cure is an excellent singer and songwriter, but there's only one Jacob Miller ... "Go Away" is an excellent Richie Spice tune for Norman 'Bulpuss' Bryan's Kickin label, followed by Jah Cure's "Heartbeat", probably the weakest tune on this album, with vocals and lyrics sounding less inspired, and Dillon Reid's riddim for his Manatree Records sounding cheap. Richie Spice's great "Robbery" is delivered over Fat Eyes fine 'African Beat' update by Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall, before Norman 'Bulpuss' Bryan provides Dennis Brown's 'No More Will I Roam' 1999 update for Jah Cure's "Out Of Control", and is also responsible for the version of the 'Bam Bam'-riddim under Richie Spice's "Slang A Slang" closing this very nice album.