Seriously Positive
Irievibrations Records
CD / Digital release
June 3, 2016

Track list
  1. Attack And Release
  2. Change Of Scenery
  3. Open Skies
  4. A Blink Of An Eye feat. Uwe Banton
  5. Old Tongue
  6. When We Part
  7. Pressure Drop
  8. What Makes Someone Leave feat. Akae Beka
  9. Soul Steady
  10. Too Brutal
  11. Unnecessary
  12. Clear
  13. Youniverse
  14. Open Skies (Syrix Dub Mix)
  15. Blink Of An Eye (Syrix Dub Mix)
  16. What Makes Someone Leave (Syrix Dub Mix)
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Although he already had five albums out on the streets, it was the 2013 released "Frequency" album that introduced us to a German artist who goes by the name Jahcoustix. However, not being a vocalist with an immediately striking singing style, it took some time before we really started to appreciate his vocal delivery. And the more we listened to that Irievibrations produced album, the more we got captured by the man's efforts, musically as well as lyrically.

Three years later and after the release of an acoustic version of the "Frequency" album, there's a brand new studio album out on the streets called "Seriously Positive". Like with the "Frequency" albums, Jahcoustix teamed up with Irievibrations Records to continue the fruitful collaboration of the past years. Irievibrations' Syrix recorded, mixed and produced the tracks for the "Seriously Positive" set at their studio in Vienna, Austria. For this album they selected some of Germany's top notch reggae musicians from Jahcoustix' new hometown Berlin (Frank "Pollensi" Pollak of the Evolution Band, Sven "Rimshot" Koop and Jonas Hesse of Magic Touch). Besides that it features collaborations with fellow German reggae artist Uwe Banton (with whom he did the combination tune "No Control" for the latter's 2012 released "Mental War" album) and - to our surprise - Akae Beka aka Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite.

Akea Beka on "Seriously Positive" is very interesting as both, although in a different way, are great lyricists, and greatly differ in vocal style. Akea Beka makes a big appearance on "What Makes Someone Leave", a dazzling song about the current world crisis with people on the run because they aren't safe in their own countries due to warfare and surpression. A moving song that brings tears to your eyes... Without any doubt one of the strongest efforts on the whole of this album! It shows that Jahcoustix doesn't strive to avoid serious topics as can also be experienced when listening to songs like for example "Too Brutal" and the exceptional sounding "Unnecessary". Two tracks with a completely different vibe, but once you've given them a few spins you're overwhelmed by their beauty and strength.

Although "Attack And Release", the album opener, is a sweet sounding tune at first hear, careful listening learns that this is a serious message tune. It's followed by "Change Of Scenery", a gorgeous tune in which Jahcoustix speaks about new beginnings and different places. The opening lot is rounded off in great style by "A Blink Of An Eye", for which he teamed up with Uwe Banton. Of the songs that haven't been mentioned yet, it especially are efforts like "Old Tongue", the lovers lament "When We Part" and "Clear" that truly deserve repeated play. The worthwhile trio of dub mixes at the end of this set includes "What Makes Someone Leave (Syrix Dub Mix)", a very appropriate dubbed out version of one of our top favourite moments on the album.

This Jahcoustix album evokes music from roots reggae's golden era, not least due to the mixing approach of producer Syrix who managed to create a very enjoyable vintage feel.