Vybz Kartel
March 6, 2006

Track list
  1. U Nuh Have A Phone (Hello Moto)
  2. Tight Pussy Gal Dem
  3. Guns Like These
  4. So Me A Say
  5. Bad Man Party 2
  6. Vybsy Versa Love featuring Barrington Levy
  7. Car Man
  8. Go Fi Dem
  9. Late Night feat. Wayne Marshall
  10. Smuggler
  11. Gun Session
  12. Higher Altitude feat. Don Corleon, Baby G & Bounty Killer
  13. Dutty Landlord
  14. Realest Thing
  15. I Neva
  16. Little Miss
  17. Emergency
  18. Need U Girl feat. Wayne Marshall
  19. Say Hello
  20. Rough Sex feat. Delicious
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
After "Up 2 Di Time" and "Timeless", here's the third album release -- not counting in "More Up 2 Di Time" because it is actually a reissue of his debut set extended with five bonus tracks -- of Adi Palmer aka Vybz Kartel aka War Angel aka Crime Minister. The deejay's popularity in Jamaica is boundless and also abroad he has an ever growing fanbase. The much anticipated "J.M.T." (for those who don't know, it stands for Jamaica Mean Time; officially five hours behind G.M.T. but unofficially that could be anytime from now until tomorrow, depending on the person who said it and what mood he's in!) is phat packed with all the recent hits of the "deejay of the year" (given that title at Stone Love's 30th Anniversary Dance). Thus we're treated to cuts on hit riddims such as "Hello Motto" ("U Nuh Have A Phone"), "Throwback Giggy" ("Tight Pussy Gal Dem"), "Jonkanoo" ("I Neva"), "Dutty Landlord" ("Dutty Landlord"), "Siren" ("Emergency"), "Jump Off" ("Realest Thing") and "Galore" ("Bad Man Party 2" aka "Mek Wi Drink"). Besides that this set also brings the avid fan a couple of in demand tunes like "Gun Session", "Car Man" on the "Axel F" riddim and "Vybsy Versa Love", which features an almost unrecognisable Barrington Levy sample. Unfortunately this album lacks "Maths Class" across Black Chiney's "Octane" riddim. Vybz Kartel predominantly touches the tried and trusted dancehall themes of girls, guns and ganja, invariably delivered with tongue twisting, verbal dexterity and a sense of humour, insight and intelligence that sets him apart from lesser talents in the dancehall arena. However the deejay occassionally shows that he's also capable of delivering a great conscious reality tune, which can be experienced while listening to "Emergency":

Emergency, we a suffer roun ere
Roun ere, man a ded, tings tougher roun ere
Crime scene gone up, tall up man ah go fa roun ere
Missa man, whe yu doing fi the gutter roun ere?

Two party, but ah de same sad song dem a play
Poor people money lean back and rockaway
Dem raise everyting from oil to Craven A
So how dem no raise up everybody pay
Portmore mi born and ah de so mi yard stay
So mi nah pay no toll fi cross the Causeway
Mr. Bruce, Mr. PJ
This is just a couple question from Adi the deejay

Question: Kingston mek no AK?
Question: How gun come inna JA?
Who own the wharf and the airport, the docks and the bay?

Everyting except ded people ah raise
De dead man ah 'sehe' him betta off inna the grave
How we fi save pon minimum wage
When two yute go high school, two go all age?
Dem change dem face like Nicholas Cage
True election ah come, dem temporary re-arrange
Mi rate Bruce, mi rate PJ
But dem waan we ded off like dog weh have mange
Mi born a sufferer, when it ah go change?
Mi love Portia Simpson, mi love Babsy Grange
But if dem nuh tun a new page
We nah wear no red or no green again
We ah wear beige
Fi de yute dem a de stoplight, mi a beg oonu a change
Oonu dog a live betta dan dem, oonu outrage
Yu know how much innocent yute dem a hundred man inna de cage

This album features a whole host of Jamaica's current top dancehall producers including Donovan "Don Corleon" Bennett, Leftside & Esco, Christopher Birch, Shane Brown, Cordell "Skatta" Burrrell, Arif Cooper, Michael "Liquid" Brissett, and Patrick "Roach" Samuels. Each one brings something a little way different, making this collection of tunes a worthwhile whole to hear. All in all, a very nice set which will surely please Vybz Kartel's many fans.