Joker Smoker
Triston Palma
February 13, 2008

Triston Palma Track list
  1. Innocent Man
  2. Babylon
  3. Give Me Give Me Your Love
  4. Lonely Man
  5. Got To Praise Jah Jah
  6. Joker Smoker
  7. Peace & Love In The Ghetto
  8. Two Timer
  9. Ghetto King
  10. Lover Man
  11. Give Me A Change (Bonus Track)
  12. Time So Hard (Bonus Track)
  13. Give I Girl (Bonus Track)
  14. Joker Smoker 12" Mix (Bonus Track)
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Triston Palma, aka Triston Palmer, is a veteran dancehall singer who's been releasing albums since the early '80s. When he did a tune called "A Class Girl" that did very well in England, Jah Thomas, who has been residing in England, approached hem and they went into business together. Their association led to a big dancehall hit ("Entertainment").

Triston recorded over thirty more tunes for Jah Thomas in the early '80s, including "Give Me A Chance" (bonus track) and "Joker Smoker." At one point, Triston had nine songs in Jamaica's Top 40 at the same time! Triston's vocal delivery is kinda similar like that from Sugar Minott, too bad he never achieved to reach out at an larger audience outside JA.

This album, originally released in 1982 and backed by the legendary Roots Radics, has stood the test of time very well. The album's biggest hit, Joker Smoker, is probably just as classic as 'Entertainment' and is revamped in recent times by Alborosie who reworked the riddim for his recently banned song called "Herbalist". While there are no fillers on this album other highlights are Innocent Man and Two Timer, in the latter he is talking to a girl who has left him for his best friend (a sort of dancehall "Tennesee Waltz" j/k). Every tune on this release proves Triston was living / breathing music. This is the first time "Joker Smoker" is available on (authorized) CD and we really need to give thanks to Greensleeves and other labels for re-releasing those highly enjoyable releases from the 80's.

Here's the list of musicians who helped in making this a fine album:
  • Drums : Style Scott
  • Bass : Flabba Holt
  • Guitar : Dwight Pickney
  • Organ : Gladstone Anderson
  • Horns : Dean Fraser & Nambo Robinson
  • Percussions : Sticky
"Joker Smoker" is yet another essential release from the 80's archives for every early dancehall fan.