Album review
Jason Wilson & Tabarruk
Wheel Records

Tracking list

  1. Faithless
  2. Wicked Shall Weep
  3. Kalypso
  4. Hate
  5. The AfricVille Seasides
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Sardonicus
  8. You're The Reason I Believe
  9. The New Church
  10. Seckle
  11. Almost There
  12. Reason Reprise
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

'Jonah' is the third album from the Canadian based band Jason Wilson & Tabarruk'. The band was founded in 1989 by Jason Wilson. They released their first album 'Tabarruk' in 1994 and included special guest Alanis Morissette who sang on 'I Have faith'. Since then the band has shared the stage with lots of reggae artists like Burning Spear, Culture, Pato Banton, Judy Mowatt, Frankie Paul and Jackie Mittoo. Their follow up album, the critically acclaimed 'Dark Corners' set was released in 1998. This second release was supported by an extensive tour through Canada and The United States. The recording sessions for 'Jonah' started in October 1999 with co-producers Jeffrey Holdip. UB 40 keyboard player Michael Virtue (Jason's cousin) appears on 4 tracks.
The music of the band is quite hard to describe. The reggae beat is all around, but the influences heard here are many. A violin, sound samples, jazz, a UB 40 cover (Sardonicus) are some of the ingredients of their music. Somehow their sound reminds us of Steely Dan inna reggae style. The innovative arrangements and mature vocal delivery of Jason Wilson give the album a very sophisticated feel. Jason Wilson is a very talented songwriter and a gifted musician, whose lyrical outings are very interesting. He describes us as 'Jonah, finding faith in the whale' in Wicked Shall Weep, the highlight of the album. On Kalypso he takes us back to the Greek classics. Described as a reggae-jazz-dub experience The Africville Seasides is a track of timeless beauty. Forgiveness is an uptempo reggae tune, whilst You Are The Reason To Believe is a strong lovers tune. Seckle is a pop influenced track about artificial faith and finding yourself in the wrong place. One of our favorite tunes here is Almost There, a song about faith in oneself and hope for the future.
'Jonah' is a striking album, filled with distinctive songs across a reggae beat.

Teacher & Mr. T.