Junior Dan
Junior Dan
Honest Jon's Records
January 18, 2010

Track list
  1. Look Out For The Devil
  2. Version
  3. Red, Gold & Green Rainbow
  4. Version
  5. East Of The Rio Cobre
  6. Wise Man
  7. Cobre Version
  8. Mr. Big Shot
  9. Version
  10. Give Thanks No Skanks
  11. Yanks And Ises
  12. This Foundation
  13. Jah Foundation
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Musician, vocalist and producer Junior Dan is one of the true legends of original Jamaician roots reggae music. Born in Jamaica in the 1950s, he first started playing the bass when he was 15 with a famous recording band called Generation Gap. Over the years, Junior has played for many reggae artist as well as other artists in the music business. These include Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Ranking Dread, Augustus Pablo, Pablo Moses, Horace Andy, Sugar Minott, Tony Tuff, the list is endless...

Junior Dan aka Left Hand Bassie aka Sydney Gussine recorded first for Randy's, around 1967-68, then Joe Gibbs, GGs, Lee Perry, Treasure Isle, Channel One... and even did quite a bit of work for Harry J as well. He played bass on the "Black Slavery Days" sessions, and was at the Rockers studios with Augustus Pablo from the start till he left Jamaica in 1980. He was also with Burning Spear at the time of "Hail HIM". More recently he was bass player for the Gorillaz first album entitled "Gorillaz", with hits such as "Rock The House", "Clint Eastwood", etc. His first album, "KTW Dub", has been on the market since 1980 and is still going strong.

"Junior Dan" is Junior Dan's second full length album from 2005, actually a compilation of ultra rare singles, some of them previously re-released on 10" vinyl by London's Honest Jon's Records. This very strong collection is deep roots reggae from the 1970s full of Black Ark, Yabby You and Augustus Pablo vibes. The 13 track album features contributions from The Upsetter, Fred Locks and the Twelve Tribes musicians Pablove Black, Albert Malawi and Zoot Sims, The Light Of Saba's recording engineer Joseph Robinson, and King Tubby, amongst an illustrious rootical roll-call.

The album kicks off with the legendary "Look Out For The Devil", a killer tune with a strong Upsetters flavour which was recorded by Lee "Scratch" Perry and mixed by King Tubby. It is followed by its imperious dub version with the vocals dropping in and out the mix. Then comes "Red, Gold & Green Rainbow", an awesome song directed at the way they were arresting and sentencing Rasta to mandatory 18 months for possession of a spliff, while politicians' gunmen were walking the streets unmolested. This one is also followed by a worthwhile version.

"East Of The Rio Cobre" is a great roots instrumental in classic Pablo melodica style, while "Wise Man" is the matching vocal cut that originally appeared on the B side of the single. "Cobre Version", the third cut for the riddim, is the icing on the cake. More classic mid-seventies deep roots productions follow with first the solid "Mr. Big Shot", its version, the wicked "Give Thanks And Skanks" (co-written by Fred Locks), and the mind-blowing dubbed up version "Yanks And Ises". The album rounds off in great style with "This Foundation", the version of the excellent "Jah Foundation", originally released on Augustus Pablo's Rockers label.

Previously extremely hard to find Junior Dan 7" singles that were part of roots collectors daydreams are gathered on this not to be missed album, so ignore at your peril!!