The Great Ken Boothe Meets The Legendary BB Seaton Vol. 2
Ken Boothe & BB Seaton
Roots International / Soul Beat Records
August 15, 2011

Track list
  1. Ken Boothe - Who Really Cares
  2. BB Seaton - I Feel Lost
  3. Ken Boothe - Blessed Is The Man
  4. BB Seaton - After All This Time
  5. Ken Boothe - Love Come Tumbling Down
  6. BB Seaton - One Thing Leads To Another
  7. Ken Boothe - I&I&I
  8. BB Seaton - Forgive Them Lord
  9. Ken Boothe - Halleluyah
  10. BB Seaton - Freedom Fighters
  11. Ken Boothe - Lucky Me
  12. BB Seaton - Brothers Beware
  13. Ken Boothe - The Morning Sun
  14. BB Seaton - Thinking About You
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
1971 saw the release of an LP entitled "The Great Ken Boothe Meets BB Seaton & The Gaylads", a Pete Weston produced project that involved four of the era's best vocalists and two very successful individuals, namely Ken Boothe and Harris "BB" Seaton. The latter played lead guitar and together with the other members of The Gaylads supplied backing vocals, while Ken Boothe mostly sang lead and played organ on the riddims that were provided by the Now Generation band. Later on Ken Boothe and BB Seaton founded the first show band in the history of Jamaican popular music, called Conscious Minds.

20 years after that release it seemed that the initial project got a follow-up with the release of "The Great Ken Boothe Meets The Legendary BB Seaton Vol. 2", but it wasn't. In contrast with the 1971 release on the Jaguar label, which solely featured Ken Boothe tunes, this second volume gathered 7 solo efforts of both Ken Boothe and BB Seaton. Now, again 20 years further, this album has been reissued on vinyl and cd.

The Ken Boothe tracks include recordings done in association with BB Seaton, who produced and wrote all the songs (except "Blessed Is The Man", which he wrote together with Ken Boothe, and "I&I&I" with D. Hauser). Although very little information is available regarding the dates these Ken Boothe were recorded, most -- if not all of them -- must have been recorded in the 1970s. There's no denying that BB Seaton's compositions are among the best that era had to offer, and as Ken Boothe always has been regarded as a singer with one of the best voices in reggae music, it's obvious that the listener is treated to good music.

The excellent "Who Really Cares" and the great "Love Come Tumbling Down", previously appeared on the 197x released compilation LP "Culture Train". One of Ken Boothe best recordings from the early 1970s, "Blessed Is The Man", was given to Beverley's Records to distribute. Also the beautiful song "Halleluyah" comes from that same period and so does the wonderful "The Morning Sun", while the fine lovers piece "Lucky Me", with backing from Sly & The Revolutionaries, probably has been recorded somewhere in the second half of the 1970s. Also worth hearing is the powerful "I&I&I" from 1971, which is underpinned by a mindblowing, dubbed up riddim track.

The BB Seaton tracks included here, also appeared on his 2007 released, highly recommended double cd "After All This Time ~ The Anthology 1972-1989". Although, just like Ken Boothe, probably best known for his lovers tunes, the soulful voice of BB Seaton has also graced quite a number of sublime roots songs. A few of them are presented here including "I Feel Lost" (produced by Bunny Lee and BB Seaton in 1975), "After All This Time", "Forgive Them Lord", "Freedom Fighters", and "Brothers Beware". But in the end there's also a lovers tune, "Thinking About You", to round off BB Seaton part of the album.

"The Great Ken Boothe Meets The Legendary BB Seaton Vol. 2" is a very fine album, which surely will delight any fan of good vintage music.