Mellow Moods Of Music
Keble Cables
KDM Productions
October 27, 2013

Track list
  1. Cruising
  2. Salt Of The Earth
  3. Many Rivers To Cross
  4. Let It Be
  5. A Change Is Gonna Come
  6. Let's Be Friends
  7. Why Can't We Love
  8. World Crisis
  9. Dangerous
  10. Baby Why
  11. Rebel In Me
  12. 1 Wanna Get Next To You
  13. Rhythm Of My Heart
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
In Reggae Musik history, there have been numerous pivotal albums that redefine and redirect the course of our beloved music. One such example is The Cables' "What Kind Of World" from 1970. This classic album still stirs the soul forty years later. Alas, this trio never quite captured that magic again, but the enduring Keble "Cables" Drummond continued his works and has just released quite an impressive new set that will please old fans and entice new. "Mellow Moods Of Music" is his first new work after a decade long hiatus from recording.

The Cables were formed back in 1962 with Keble, Elbert Stewart and Vince Stoddart. Keble already had experience with The Sylastians (whose members included Barry Llewellyn and Earl "Heptones" Morgan). By 1966, they recorded a single for Sonia Pottinger before Studio One's Coxsone Dodd put them in his swelling roster. They recorded a slew of monster hits; including the immortal "Baby Why". Dodd kept this song exclusively at his sound system for four months before releasing it - to build momentum. All of their monster hits were packaged as "What Kind Of World". The group broke away from Studio One the same year and recorded for Harry J and Bunny Lee before going separate ways. They reunited in 1977 for "Baby Why" (Harry J) which featured backing from In Crowd and Third World. A third album of the same name was released in 2002 (VP). The group has intermittedly reunited from time to time; for Reggae Sunsplash 1994 and a terrific performance at 2011 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival with tenor Owen Dockery.

Keble linked with the multi-talented Paul Gauntlett(I-Tek Studio) who handled most musical backing. The legendary horn section of Chico Chin, Tony Greene and Derick Hinds offer a nice touch. The backing harmonies of Hannaseh Iroegby offers added depth. All tracks were mixed masterfully by Jason Sterling.

This set opens with a rendition of Smokey Robinson's Cruising. Keble's soothing voice makes this a sure winner with solid music backbone. He revisits The Rolling Stone's Salt Of The Earth with verve and conviction and really embraces his abilities that put him on the map in the first place! He pays homage to one of his favourite icons Jimmy Cliff on Many Rivers To Cross. This song has been done so many times, but Keble and Gauntlett get it just right and give it more power and glory. The Beatles' Let It Be is aptly interpreted and shows how this veteran can tackle ANY song and sweeten it into one nice sip of tea. He gets nice and seminal on Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come; a song that he delivers with authority without overbearing.

Let's Be Friends is on the "Baby Why" riddim and shows Keble still has tremendous writing and arranging skills. Great updated riddim with meaningful lyrics that demand instant rewindah. He continues with original compositions that will please many. Why Can't We Love and World Crisis show Keble in a rougher yet royal approach. This legend has a full vocal range and Gauntlett and crew really come through. Dangerous continues in this same vein and shows the diversity this man is capable of! He revisits Baby Why and what a joy this is. He brings back the Studio One glory days with full command and this classic will never grow old. Big tune that is niced up once again. He pays due respect to Jimmy Cliff again on Rebel In Me and completely and heartically has this tune down - big up!! His take on Rose Royce's I Wanna Get Next To You will tear you up. He offers a Cornell Campbellesque delivery that stands eye to eye with the original - it's that good.

Keble Cable's "Mellow Moods Of Music" is exactly that. He offers up class and style and does so with the best in manners. Never tries to outdo the covers and opens the curtains on his new compositions. This man is responsible for one of the best Reggae albums of all time and it's so upfull and pleasant to see him putting out works of this caliber. If you're looking for a soothing piece for your collection by one of the more underrated statesman of King's Musik; this is for you. Highly recommended. GO DEH!!!!!!!!!!!!