Pass The Torch
Kenyatta 'Culture' Hill
Tafari Records-Munich
January 29, 2008

Kenyatta "Culture" Hill - Pass the Torch Track list
  1. Joseph Hill - Pray Dem Off
  2. Joseph Hill - Wickedness
  3. Kenyatta Hill - Take My Hands
  4. Kenyatta Hill - Mighty Race
  5. Kenyatta Hill - Daddy
  6. Joseph Hill - Niahbingi Tonight
  7. Kenyatta Hill - Mariwanna
  8. Joseph Hill - Study Rasta
  9. Kenyatta Hill - The Message
  10. Kenyatta Hill - Same Situation
  11. Joseph Hill - Mr. Music
  12. Joseph Hill - Times Of Trouble
  13. Kenyatta Hill - Camp Yard
  14. Kenyatta Hill - Empress Haffe Clean
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Going back to the last conversation he had with his father, Kenyatta recalled Culture's final words to him on the bus before he took his last breath as "You know that your dad wasn't a lazy man". Those words, Kenyatta said, were the source of his motivation. The erstwhile studio engineer, with no prior experience as a singer is continuing his father's work. "I'm not the dancehall person," declared Kenyatta Hill while voicing his commitment to carry on his father's work. "So you see, I decided that his work has to go on." This album exists out of 7 tracks by Kenyatta Hill and 7 unreleased songs by his father.

The first 2 songs are from the late Joseph Hill, Pray Them Off and Wickedness In The Ghetto. The first one is a slow song, but with powerful lyrics as we are used of Culture. The second one is more upbeat and a wicked song. Take My Hands is the first song on this album which is done by Kenyatta. Just like his father Kenyatta has a great vocal skill. The song is a nice sing-a-long with upbeat riddim. Mighty Race is almost as if Joseph himself song this tune, the song is definitely one of the gems on the album. Daddy is the first tune Kenyatta ever made, it's a tribute to his father and the greatest tune on the album. Nyahbingi Tonight is from Joseph again, as seen in the title its a real nyahbingi song. Then Mariwanna is from Kenyatta. A herbalist song also really worth checking out. Joseph comes in with Study Rasta, a real enjoyable song. Same Situation which uses Ernest Wilson's 'I Know Myself' riddim is also a real hit on this album. Mr. Music is a nice ska flavored tune and Times Of Trouble is underpinned by a great riddim, combined with powerful lyrics. Camp Yard and Empress Haffe Clean are the 2 songs that round off this album. Camp Yard is also worth listening to. The dancehall effort Empress Haffe Clean closes the album. It's not my cup of tea, but it might arise some attraction by the youths.

All Killer No Filler! Already an entry for Album of the Year 2008?!