Album review
Kingdom Ambassador
ERC Records / Drum And Bass Music
May 10 - 2004

Tracking list

  1. Fast & Pray
  2. Gospel Reggae
  3. Messenger
  4. Are You Ready
  5. Protective Custody
  6. The Blood
  7. There's Hope
  8. Free
  9. More Than Conquerors
  10. Holy Is The Lord
  11. Fresh Vegetable
  12. Would You ?
  13. Daddy
  14. Forgive Me
  15. Mas Que Vencedores
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Former high school teacher Clive Laing, better known as Stitchie and formerly known as succesful dancehall artist Lieutenant Stitchie, puts out his premier album for his own Drum And Bass label. As Lieutenant Stitchie he was the first reggae/dancehall artist to be signed to major record label Atlantic Records (1988) paving the way for other succesful multi-platinum and gold selling reggae acts such as Sean Paul and Elephant Man. During his stay at Atlantic Records he hit the Billboard Top 20 Rap Chart on several occasions, the most recent being singles 'Mr. Lover' and 'Ego Trippin'. After the death of his mother and a near-death car crash he spent two years in quit reflection on the purpose of his life and was baptised in December 1997. Since then he's teaching and preaching the gospel. Stitchie proclaims that one of his main concerns is living a Christian life that will be an example to others, especially his former neighbours in the tough communities of West Kingston and Spanish Town where he grew up and his fellow dancehall colleagues.
During his tour of Canada in late 1999, Stitchie’s music has lead over 200 souls to the Kingdom of God, including his own brother and his brother’s wife. Stitchie has shared stage and ministry with leading gospel exponents Kirk Franklin, Alvin Slaughter, Fred Hammond, Helen Baylor, Trinity 5-7, Israel Haughton, Tramaine Hawkins, John Pee Kee and others. He has recorded with artistes such as LL Cool J ('Straight From Queens' on the album 'Fourteen Shots to the Doom' which sold Platinum); Actor Steven Segal, En Vogue (Re-mix of the song 'Give it Up, Turn it Loose'), Da Youngstas (song entitled, 'Honey-comb Hide Out'), Dr. Myles Munroe (renowned Author and Tele-Evangelist), Know Da Verb (Gospel Rapper), Limit X, Gregory Isaacs, Marcia Griffith, UB40 and others. Stitchie has a reputation for exhilarating performances and has toured extensively the USA, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Venezuela, Canada, Japan, Belize and the Caribbean. He was the first reggae gospel artiste to perform at the world’s largest jazz festival, 'The Montreaux Jazz Festivals' in Switzerland, which was brought live on the Internet to an audience of five million viewers.
The recent album shows him in extra fine form, with his blending of reggae mixed with contemporary dancehall reggae proclaiming the word of Jesus Christ to the massives all over the world. It is an interactive CD with a video recorded message of love in seven different languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese. Kingdom Ambassador also contains a video clip with the singer’s personal testimony, lyrical E-Book, scripture references for each song, his biography, some of his accolades and accomplishments, along with a photo album.
The album contains such nice combination tunes as -Holy Is The Lord- with gospel great Dr. Myles Munroe and Free with SAS (Saved, Anointed & Sanctified). The album also features the pre-released hit single Fast & Pray. There is also a song recorded in Spanish by Stitchie himself, again displaying his versatility and connecting with multi-national audiences. This song is entitled Mas Que Vencedores (More Than Conquerors). Other noteworthy tunes, defintely worth spinning, even if you're not a gospel reggae fan are the one drop tune Would You, the ska tune Protective Custody, the swinging tune Gospel Reggae and his moving tribute to Rev. Cedric Lue called Daddy.
Producers and engineers who have credits on the cd include the Grammy Award winners Barry O'Hare, Michael Fuller and Inner Circle's Lester Adderly, in addtion to number one reggae producer Bobby 'Digital' Dixon.
Worthwhile gospel reggae stuff !

Teacher & Mr. T.