King Of Kings
Elijah Prophet
Pow Pow Productions
July 8, 2006

Elijah Prophet - King of Kings Track list
  1. Piece Of Ganja
  2. One And All
  3. Back For Good
  4. In The Jungle
  5. Nah Tek No Talk
  6. Music Is Life
  7. Small World
  8. King Of Kings
  9. Revolution
  10. Johnny
  11. Put People First
  12. Got To Be Concious
  13. Sensimillia Fi Bun
  14. Children Of The World
  15. Mother Nature
  16. Shotta Cease
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Sometimes an artist has to wait for the right time and place to achieve his goal as in case of fine Jamaican singer Elijah Prophet. Born and raised in Westmoreland, Jamaica, young Elijah Prophet began singing under the mentoring of Garnet Silk and Uton Green. At the time, Garnet Silk was unknown to the world of music and was djing under the name Bimbo. Singer Uton Green took on the dual role of godfather and teacher and remains to this day a mentor to Elijah.

Elijah Prophet first visited a recording studio in 1996 with producer Jimmy Hinds. This session produced the singles "Mr. Badman" and "Mankind". The same year, he received the 'Best New Artist' award in the Stone Love star search contest. This award caught the attention of other Jamaican producers, leading to a series of singles like "I Can See Dem", "Burn Down The Walls Of Babylon" and "War A Gwaan". These conscious and often unapologetic nature of Elijah's lyrics drew immediate attention especially in a recording like "Shatter", where a parallel is drawn between in the street gunman and police.

Radio stations in both Jamaica, and Toronto, Canada, began to air the songs written and sung by Elijah Prophet. Both "I Can See Dem" and "Burn Down The Walls Of Babylon" charted. In Toronto each of the tunes topped the charts at number one and Elijah received a 'Tameka Award' nomination for 'Best New Reggae Singer'.

Meanwhile, he started to voice dubplates for the Pow Pow Movement sound system from Cologne, Germany, which then led to recording regular cuts on Pow Pow produced riddims like "Superior", "Blaze" and "First Sight". Tracks like "Put People First" on the "Shanty Town" riddim caught the attention of German reggae lovers in 2002. More Pow Pow material by Elijah followed in the form of "Back For Good" and "King Of Kings" and built a loyal following to Elijah which was spreading in Europe.

And now Pow Pow Productions have released Elijah Prophet's long awaited debut album entitled "King Of Kings". Besides tunes done for Pow Pow producer Ingo Rheinbay, this set also features tracks from other producers such as Sam Gilly of 'House of Riddim', Dasvibes Production, Teka of 'Rootdown Records' and Clive Kennedy.

From beginning to end the listener is treated to a solid collection of tunes, all of them dealing with consciousness (i.e. positive lyrics with a spiritual, cultural or social message), and mostly performed over 'live' recorded riddims by different musicians.

The album opens strong with "Piece Of Ganja", a song for the herbsman, who later on is offered another ganja tune when the decent combination tune with D.Y.C.R., "Sensimillia Fi Bun" (on the recently released "First Sight" riddim), drops in. Those already familiar with the Pow Pow riddims will immediately recognize tunes like the appealing lovers piece "Back For Good" a.k.a. "Want You Back" on the "Blaze" riddim, "King Of Kings" on the superb and awesome "Superior" riddim, and the excellent "Put People First" on the ska-driven "Shanty Town" riddim.

But there's more to enjoy, in particular when Elijah Prophet shows his talent for writing critical lyrics as can be experienced while listening to songs such as his wicked rising hit single "Revolution", which comes on the "Living Man" riddim, "Small World", the outstanding "Nah Tek No Talk", the solid "Children Of The World" on the awesome "Gloria" riddim, "Mother Nature" and "Shotta Cease".

Overall this is a satisfying debut album from a conscious singer whose breakthrough has been long overdue.