The King's Son
Lutan Fyah
In The Streetz Records
CD / Digital Release
December 22, 2009

Lutan Fyah Track list
  1. My Love Is Running Over
  2. Currupt Life Style
  3. The Motherland Calling feat. Ras Shiloh
  4. The King's Son
  5. Praise Jah
  6. We Should Live In Peace
  7. What's The Purpose
  8. Jah Works Must Be Done
  9. Save The Children
  10. Root Of All Evil
  11. Love By You
  12. Hail Him First feat. Natural Black
  13. Memories
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Total votes : 43
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
The year 2009 was a very busy year for Lutan Fyah. Besides releasing quite a few singles and being present on some 5 samplers he treated the avid reggae fan to the full length albums "Justice" and "African Be Proud". And now, in the last month of the year, he comes up with two albums, "The King's Son" and "Music" (so far a digital release only), on Byron Murray's In The Streetz Records and Kemar "Flava" McGregor's No Doubt Records respectively.

The lovers song "My Love Is Running Over" kicks off the album in a nice, albeit not real impressive way. It's a decent piece, but certainly not the kind of tune we'd expect to hear at the beginning of a Lutan Fyah album. Luckily the next track, "Currupt Life Style", is a far better effort and from there it only gets better and better. Most of the tracks featured here are production works coming from King Jammy's camp and just like Ras Shiloh's "Only King Selassie", Natural Black's "Jah Guide" and Sizzla's "Waterhouse Redemption" (all released in 2007), this set features revived classic Jammy riddims as well as more recent backdrops. "Currupt Life Style" comes across such a classic riddim.

The combination with Ras Shiloh, "The Motherland Calling" aka "Mama Africa", deals with returning home to Africa and radicalism. This tune was one of the standouts on Ras Shiloh's "Only King Selassie" and also on this collection it's one of the strongest tunes around. A real standout is the title track "The King's Son", which comes on the Christopher 'CJ' James produced "Slow Down" riddim. It's followed by "Praise Jah", which carries a strong vibe and also happens to be a killer tune. Three great tracks in a row and it doesn't stop here.

Nothing wrong with the anti-violence tune "We Should Live In Peace" as it turns out to be a solid track, but when the next anti-violence tune "What's The Purpose" across the much versioned "Death In The Arena" riddim drops, it's obvious that this one is a great tune worth hearing. "Jah Works Must Be Done" maintains the high quality level throughout, while "Save The Children" is a nice tune on a nyahbinghi flavored riddim. Also a real joy to listen to is "Root Of All Evil", a reworking of Horace Andy's "Money Money" featuring vocal samples of the legendary singer. In between the two lovers tunes, the solid "Love By You" and the mediocre "Memories", you'll find one of the strongest tunes of this set, "Hail Him First" done in combination with Natural Black.

Even though there are a few less appealing tunes on this cd, there's no denying that Lutan Fyah is one of the most consistent of the Bobo artists currently out there.