Trouble Again
King Kong
July 22, 2008

King Kong Track list
  1. Mash It Up Already
  2. More Insane
  3. Follow Me
  4. Mix Up
  5. Sweet And Tender Love
  6. Trouble Again
  7. Jungle Man
  8. I Don't Know
  9. Legal We Legal
  10. Emmanuel Road
  11. Move To The Top
  12. Para Them Paro
  13. Paranoia
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4/5
King Kong (real name Dennis Anthony Thomas) was born the 26 of march 1962 in Rose Lane, Kingston Jamaica. He and two other brothers came together and formed a singing group called 'The Black Invaders'. After a few weeks of daily practise the group started to go to different studios, such as Aquarius and Joe Gibbs. In 1982 King Kong released his first song, "Pink Eye" produced by Tuff Gong. Shortly after, he went to prison where he met the late Barley Johnson, who became a very good friend. King Kong was known as the best singer in prison and after he was released from prison, he kept in touch with Barley, who introduced him to the great King Tubby and gave him a room in Tower Hill on Tower Avenue, Olympic Way, Kingston 11.

King Kong started to work with the Love Bounce Sound System from Tivoly Garden, King's favorite ghetto and he worked with the label Firehouse of King Tubby. King Kong's first tune for the great King Tubby was "This Magic Moment" on the Red Man label, which was run by a good friend of Tubby. Then King Kong did a song for an independent producer from the UK entitled "Sensimilia Is Walking". When Tubby heard the song, he saw King Kong as a rival of "Tenor Saw", because King Kong's style is highly similar to Tenor Saw's vocal style and he became rapidly more popular in the dancehalls. Then came "Step On Dem Corn", "Aids" and "Babylon" (a hard attack to the Babylon system).

In 1985, when the digital music prevail to the instrumental one and King Tubby became the most important producer, King Kong recorded "Two Big Bull Inna One Pen" in a big combination with Anthony Red Rose. In late 1985 to 1986 King Kong moved to King Jammy and recorded Legal We Legal - a wicked version of the Cuss Cuss riddim -, Trouble Again and Mix Up. These songs were featured on the album called "Legal Wi Legal", but distributed in Europe with the title "Trouble Again". At the same time, King Kong recorded songs for producers such as Black Scorpio, Bunny Lee and Prince Jazzbo. In the late eighties he went to the United States and Canada, where he founded the label Conscious Music.

In 1989 he recorded the album called "He Was A Friend", a tribute for his friend/rival Tenor Saw, who died prematurely. Some years later, he moved to London and worked with Mafia & Fluxy, Fashion Records and Gussie P. He also teamed up with the New York Massive B label. He recorded a dubplate called "Call Mr. Madden" in 1990. Two years later Bobby Konders decided to put out this dubplate as a single and it became a well known hit in the dancehall scene. Some years later The Fugees used the lyrics for their biggest hit ever "Fu Gee La La". But all together, his presence in the world of reggae music became sporadic.

After released from prison in England in 1996 and deported back to Jamaica, he hooked up with King Jammys and recorded songs as "Seize All Guns" and "Break Down The Walls". It was the label Massive B that truly rediscovered his talent and great artistic skill and with them he recorded singles as "Jah Is My Best Friend", "Earth Is The Lord" and "I Feel A Joy". In November 2005, he recorded his latest album "Rumble Jumble Life". In december 2007 Wyclef Jean again used one of King Kong's song - "Trouble Again" - in the track - "Riot" - on his new album - "Carnival vol. II". The revolutionary roots reggae/dancehall singer King Kong moved to Ethiopia in 2007.

Greensleeves Records now put out the 1986 album "Trouble Again" inna a kind of deluxe edition. This release features great classic tunes such as King Kong's best-selling 45s Legal We Legal and the killer tune Trouble Again, as well as Mix Up and Emmanuel Road (aka Bruk Rock Stone), his adaptation of a Jamaican folk song, plus three bonus tracks that appear for the first time on CD. First there is Move To The Top - his rendition of the Real Rock riddim -, only previously featuring on the Jammy's "Superstar Hit Parade" compilation album, and the icing on the cake is the highly sought-after track Paro Them Paro and its matching dub version Paranoia, produced by Bubblers Computer Stars aka Patrick Donegan and Chris Cracknell in 1986.

Although the album isn't a straight classic, it's a very nice reissue worth of checking out.