King Lorenzo
RockyHill Records
Digital Release
December 23, 2012

Stronger - King Lorenzo Track list
  1. Guide My Footsteps
  2. Mighty Long Time
  3. Head Up High feat. Clifford Fyah Henry
  4. Something About You
  5. Pressure Me Hard
  6. Keep On Rising feat. U Brown
  7. Live Up
  8. Stronger
  9. This Life feat. Nereus Joseph
  10. Feel Like Dancing
  11. Thanks For Today
  12. Where Is The Love
  13. Back To The Roots
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
In 2009, seven years after he relocated to Europe, Jamaican singer King Lorenzo (formerly Lorenzo) unleashed his first full length album entitled "Movin' Ahead" on the French Irie Ites label. This well received and critical acclaimed album was the result of hard work and a number of strong 7" vinyl releases that had caused quite some buzz among European new roots fans.

King Lorenzo was born in St Ann, Jamaica. His talent for singing was recognised from a tender age as he performed in school, sound systems and hotels all over Jamaica under the name Parson Man. After winning one of Jamaica's biggest singing competitions, Red Label Reggae Cable, he started recording for Barry O’Hare on the X-Rated label. The rest is history.

Now, three years after the release of his strong debut set, King Lorenzo delivers thirteen brand new tunes on his sophomore album called "Stronger". For this collection, which just like its predecessor is a treat from beginning to end, King Lorenzo has collaborated with Nereus Joseph, the well known UK singer, musician and producer. The latter provided the riddim tracks, a mixture of fresh originals and reworkings of classic riddims such as Tyrone Taylor's "Cottage In Negril" ("Something About You"), Buny Wailer's "Ballroom Floor" ("Feel Like Dancing"), and the Abyssinians' "Declaration Of Rights" ("Pressure Me Hard"), while the songs were arranged and recorded at Canawii recording studio.

All the tracks featured on "Stronger" have a very polished sound, commonly known from many successful UK productions. Lyrically it has something to offer for everyone as King Lorenzo deals with subjects that include social commentary, affairs of the heart, and personal empowerment. On each and every track King Lorenzo's pure and exceptional voice comes to full expression, showing he's a top-flight singer. Although the lovers piece "Something About You" and the feel good tune "Feel Like Dancing" are decent efforts, it are the reality tunes that really stand out. That's why it's truly a joy to listen to songs like "Mighty Long Time", "Live Up", "Pressure Me Hard", and "Where Is The Love". Don't overlook "This Life", the duet with Nereus Joseph, actually the best of the three collaborations included on this album.

King Lorenzo's "Stronger" is a first rate production that should be checked by anyone who likes to listen to a real good singer.