Know Jah
Errol Bellot
Reality Shock
CD / Digital Release
March 17, 2012

Know Jah - Errol Bellot Track list
  1. Know Jah
  2. Everything Possible
  3. Sing Along
  4. My Youths feat. Afrikan Simba
  5. Babylon
  6. Nature Island
  7. Grey Skies
  8. Hooligan
  9. Militant Souljah
  10. Time For Change
  11. Reality Shock
  12. Militant Souljah Dub
  13. Everything Possible Dub
  14. Sing Along Dub
  15. My Youths Dub
  16. Know Jah Dub
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It's been a very long time coming, but after having been in the reggae arena for more than three decades there's finally a full length album from Errol Bellot aka Giddeon Zinger out on the streets. Most likely those who have never followed the UK roots sound system scene have never heard of Errol Bellot, a true pity because this very gifted rasta singer deserves wide recognition.

Errol Bellot first burst on to the UK reggae scene in the early 1980s after the unleashing of his classic UK roots anthem "Babylon", recorded for S&G Records. Over the years he went on to work with prestigious labels and sounds including Jah Tubbys, Unity Sound, King Original, and Sip-A-Cup, which led to the release of tunes such as "Jah Creation", "Roots Gone International", and a recut of "Babylon" for Sirius Records. In 2003 he first linked with Reading's guitarist/producer Kris Kemist of Reality Shock and has worked closely with him ever since. Now, nine years and hundreds of studio hours later, the fruits of their labors are collected on this "Know Jah" set.

Kris Kemist's crisp roots production works are tailor-made for Errol Bellot vocal delivery, which is given enough room to come to full expression. The singer has a beautiful distinctive voice (although in some tunes he reminds us of Dennis Brown), making it very pleasant to hear him sing his tunes. A few tunes including the outstanding "Everything Possible", the great "Babylon", and the solid "Reality Shock" (a tribute to the label), have been previously released, while others are never heard before. The engaging title cut, beautifully sung by Errol Bellot, is not only a great roots piece, but also one of our favourite tracks. Big tune with huge vibes! Also worth hearing is the outrageous message tune, "My Youths", done in combination with Afrikan Simba. "Nature Island" is a real nice tribute to Jamaica. "Grey Skies" makes a decent impression and the same goes for "Hooligan", which comes on the "One People" riddim from Denmark's One People Productions. Both "Militant Souljah" and the beautiful "Time For Change" maintain the quality throughout. After the eleven vocal cuts it's time for the dubheads to enjoy six worthy dub workouts.

This album works from beginning to end, boasting a great roots sound and sublime vocals. A worthwhile addition to any roots collection.