A World Of K-OSS
Soul Beat Records/Roots International Records
January 5, 2013

A World of K-Oss - K-oss Track list
  1. It's So Nice feat. U Roy
  2. Jet Black
  3. To Be Organised Is (To Be Recognised)
  4. Noh Badda Wid It
  5. Funny Feeling feat. Dennis Alcapone
  6. Just A Little More Time
  7. My Jamaican Girl
  8. You've Got To Be Natural
  9. Destruction Road
  10. Voice Of The People
  11. Taking Her Own Life
  12. Ghetto Experience
  13. Starting All Over Again feat. The Gaylads
  14. Fun Life
  15. Days Of Fire
  16. Save It For A Rainy Day
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Total votes : 11
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
K-OSS -- Soul Beat Records latest recording artist -- of a traditional Indian heritage, represents an exciting approach to reggae music. He has made some noise with a number of singles from his earlier Dancehall styles to styles from R&B and Reggae Rock, showcasing a decent presence of reality, righteousness and culture, and an unpredictably infectious vocal tone. He has toured extensively and performed to sold-out audiences in India, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Norway and Slovenia, to name just a few. Soul Beat Records is the home of legendary B.B. Seaton, founding member of The Gaylads, and one of the most outstanding figures in the business who has worked with the best Jamaican production houses.

The 16 track album is produced by B.B. Seaton and kicks off with a sure shot winner called It's So Nice, with U Roy's vintage introduction "This Station Rules the Nation With Version". The tune uses the riddim from 'Love Is A Not Gamble', made famous by The Techniques on Duke Reid's 'Treasure Isle' imprint. The album brings us more vintage reworkings. Studio One deejay Dennis Alcapone teams up with K-OSS on Funny Feeling, The Gaylads hit out of the 60s, but best known for the scorching Dennis Brown version out of the 70s. Wicked interpretation! Starting All Over Again - a soul hit for the duo Mel & Tim in the early 70s - sees him in a more relaxed mood. Here he joins forces with The Gaylads for a smooth lovers tune. There's another solid do-over called Days Of Fire, originally called 'There's A Fire' coming out of Brentford Road. You've Got To Be Natural is an obscure B.B. Seaton tune, here well covered by K-OSS. Destruction Road was one of the finest tracks on Tangelwood's 1985 debut album 'Rise And Shine'. K-Oss puts down a decent version here. My Jamaican Girl an interpretation of the hit of the same name The Gaylads scored with in 1971 for Beverly's Records.

The rest of the album contains some noteworthy tunes such as Jet Black, a catchy tune with some serious themes. Ghetto Experience is also well worth spinning more than once. One of our personal favourites here is the dancehall injected Noh Badda Wid It. One more songs needs to be mentioned here; the uptempo tune Voice Of The People makes a solid impression, a forceful tune that needs to be heard by all of dem who call themselves reggae fans.

Very promising debut album!