Mental Maintenance
Subkonshus Music / VP Records
March 11, 2012

Mental Maintenance - Konshens Track list
  1. World Citizen
  2. Represent
  3. Simple Song
  4. Rasta Imposter Remix feat. Tarrus Riley, Sizzla, Darrio & Wrath Riley
  5. Do Sum'n
  6. Bounce
  7. Pop In My Headphones
  8. Last Drink feat. Voicemail
  9. Homewrecker
  10. Leave Your Side
  11. Gal Dem A Talk
  12. Only Jah
  13. Wanna Be Done
  14. No More Tears
  15. Love This Life feat. Mark Hize
  16. The Realest Remix feat. Bounty Killer
  17. She's Happy feat. Delus
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Some 7 years back Konshens (born Garfield Delano Spence) and his brother Delus started the duo 'Sojah' and at the Cash Flow Studios, in the Cooreville Gardens Community, of Jamaica they produced "Pon Di Corner", which became an instant hit upon its arrival into the Japanese market. It was number 1 on the charts for most of 2005 and also very huge in the "street scene" till this day. This prompted a one month tour of Japan in 2005, another 3 week tour in 2006 and the release of an album exclusively to Japan of that same year titled 'Sons of Jah'. Since then Sojah has released an album in Europe and toured extensively there, making stops in Austria, Germany, France, Finland and the Czech Republic, to name a few.

The next step in his career was when they decided to become three separate entities. Sojah, Konshens, and Delus, in an attempt to "spread out the attack" according to Konshens. "We cyaan just try force we self onto di people dem, we affi space it out an tek time move in" he said in an interview. The first signs that this plan was going to work came after the release of his debut single, 'Winner'. The song turned out to be a dancehall anthem and Konshens was definitely one of the hottest new artists for the year 2008. The following year opened many doors for Konshens. In January of that year, he completed his first tour of California, touring cities such as San Francisco, Fairfax and Humboldt County to name a few; the tour was completed with much success, satisfying his West Coast fans while broadening his fan base. His music was welcomed with opened arms by the West Coast reggae music lovers. June of that same year his second album under the duo 'Sojah' was released in Europe. The album was titled 'Modern Revolution', featuring the hit collaboration with Luciano, titled, 'Positive Vibration'.

After recording an arsenal of hits including 'Rasta Imposter, 'This Means Money', 'Pretty Devil', 'Good Girl Gone Bad' feat. Tarrus Riley, 'Realest Song' and 'Realest Song Remix feat. Bounty Killer to name a few; performing on almost every major Reggae show across the world and launching his fast rising recording label Subkonshus Music, he now unleashes his first solo album titled 'Mental Maintenance'.

The 17 track album shows that Konshens is at ease with all kinds of music styles and moods. It's a very versatile album, ranging from r&b flavours to soul melodies, from dancehall anthems to reggae tunes. "The feel of the album is just as the name states. It is like experiencing the mood swings required to maintain, ease, settle and redirect ones mind. There is a song on the album for every situation" says Konshens. Best known tune here must be The Realest Remix, seeing him and Bounty Killer in fine style. The tune - a lick across the 'Better Life' riddim - is a call for righteousness and positive thinking. World Citizen is a soulful acoustic guitar riddim combined with a subtle r&b beat from the Roots Survival imprint. At the beginning of 2011 Chimney Records impressed with a couple of r&b flavoured tunes on the 'Island Vibes' riddim. Konshens' cut Represent is one of the strongest outings. With Simple Song Konshens switches to a poppy dancehall mood. It's a Life Line Music production from 2010. Rasta Imposter Remix sees Konshens teaming up with Sizzla, Tarrus Riley and others. The riddim comes from the Young Veterans Production camp and was one of Konshens' best-loved tunes. Konshens recorded Do Sum'n to create more awareness and respect for dancehall music. We definitely get in the mood for a lickle wine'n’bubble with the mesmerizing tune Bounce, great dancehall tune!

Too bad the album includes several interludes, meaningless interruptions of the music. Pop In My Headphones is a fine song about chillin' and just enjoying life, music and a spliff. Konshens and Voicemail deliver an awesome lovers tune with Last Drink. Homewrecker is a good roots reggae tune, followed by another roots tune titled Leave Your Side. The explicit tune Gal Dem A Talk comes from his own label, while Only Jah, a powerful roots tune was produced by veteran producer Bobby Digital. The mood gets mellow with the r&b styled lovers tune Wanna Be Done, and goes back to the 70s with No More Tears, a tune riding the 'Rebellion' riddim from Bunny 'Striker' Lee. Love This Life is a poppy dancehall tune he does in combination with Mark Hize aka Markhize. The album closes with She's Happy. His brother Delus joins him here.

Konshens - dubbed "the new face of reggae/dancehall music" by many various awards and nominations - is one of the few Jamaican artists who's able to perform a raw dancehall tune as well as a powerful reggae song, a rare combination! 'Mental Maintenance' is one of those sets you simply have to get your hands on!